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  1. Cprj sent me a message, finally haha, He said he'll look in to it (looking for the pieces, or panting them.

    Can I see a picture? White and gold sounds like it looks really nice.
  2. oh by the way i can throw a gold bezel on a white housing for you if thats what you end up deciding to do. right now i have a white 32gb 3gs housing with a gold bezel on my phone that i put together
  3. yea, i contacted a few plating companies and so far none even seem willing to respond to me lol, and i also contacted some of the companies that do the gold iphones but they want me to send my phone in. I just want them to plate a few pieces for me send them back and done but its starting to seem more hassle than its worth =(
  4. Nah, no luck yet, I've been looking around but have been unsuccessful. I figured the only way to go would be custom. But if I find anything, I'll let you know. Honestly I think a black phone with all gold accents would be absolutely sexy.

    Reguards Jeffrey
  5. Hey, i saw your post you made on CPJR's wall about wanting gold buttons instead of the original chrome?

    I have actually been looking around for the exact same thing and thus far have come up with nothing, i was wondering if you've had any better luck? and if so if you could let me know?

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