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  1. Hi takui, email me at and i'll send you the info! Sorry for the delayed response...I always use the ModMyI iphone app so I never even knew you wrote to me. My apologies!
  2. Hi thazsar! First, ty for your kind reply! My gf have a 3g and like u know, it's very very very slow! I had before a 2g but I don't remember it was so slow even scrolling the pages of the sb! Anyway I'll take your kind offer to help me to speed up this phone! What I've to do? Those tools that u was talking before in the thread, l'autodemon removal tool and the disable demon tool, was differents? Maybe the second was better because it just don't remove completely them?

    Sorry 4 my english...I've read that u asked to send u an email but I've not find how...btw if u prefer to reply me with an email, my is thx!!!
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