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  1. that's awesome, thanks man. if any word comes down about shipping delays, future stocking etc, I can pass that on as an 'anonymous tip...'
  2. Hey man, Future Shop and BBY canada iventories are showing that iPads are in transit. For the moment, I can't give any specific details as to stock level, the system is showing 5 of each model in transit, which IMO doesn't make sense, since the max stock level is also at 5.... CHQ usually changes those at last minute, i'm sure you can guess why :P I'd show a screenshot, but iI like my job :P I'll send pics of the stock arriving though :P. Apparently, pre-orders placed in France are already shipping too... but you must already know that :P I pre-oredered on day 1 for Intl release, still not showing as shipped in Canada.
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