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    Kyle Matthews

    Kyle Matthews

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    Kyle Matthews is an internet entrepreneur, musician, and amateur photographer. He lives in Tampa, FL (but hails from Seattle, WA) with his wife and son.

    Cody Overcash

    Cody Overcash

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    Cody Overcash is a Denver resident and lives a healthy, active lifestyle. He also delegates the writing of awesome things about himself to Kyle Matthews. Why? Because race car driver.


    Broomhead (Tim)

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    Tim is 42 years old and lives about 30 miles outside Chicago, IL. He's been married 19 years now and they have 3 wonderful young girls. Tim is an Industrial Union Carpenter working at a Oil Refinery. He owns 2 Harley Davidson Motorcycles and has a tuff chore of picking which one to ride on those great summer days. He loves all things Apple and has not touched a PC in over 10 years. He wouldn't even know where to begin with a PC. You will see Tim around MMi, but most of his work is done in the background.

    Michael Essany

    Michael Essany

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    Michael Essany is a bestselling author, nationally published writer, and incurable mobile tech junkie. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2005 as a Lumina Scholar from Valparaiso University. Michael resides with his wife and two year old daughter just outside of Chicago, Illinois.

    Phillip Swanson

    Phillip Swanson

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    After five years of Division 1 football at Western Michigan University Phillip Swanson is thankful he can still walk straight. Phill graduate from WMU Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Journalism, and was a two-time ESPN The Magazine Academic All-American. He loves technology and has been an avid Apple user since the first iPhone.

    Outside of the tech world Phill is an entrepreneur and award winning film-maker (Best Genre Film, and Best Use of Prop 2011 Detroit 48-hour Film Festival). His life-long dream is to adapt Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle into a major motion picture. Slaughterhouse Five would be cool too.

    He currently has 4 cats (two new kittens) and is well on his way to becoming the creepy cat guy of his neighborhood. A badge he claims to wear with honor.

    Anthony Bouchard

    Anthony Bouchard

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    Anthony Bouchard is an Apple fanatic and loves tinkering with iPhones, Macs, and more. He has been involved in the jailbreak scene since before the limera1n days of iOS 4, and has always enjoyed trying out new jailbreak tweaks.

    He is also an off-road enthusiast that enjoys building, fixing, and modifying Jeeps. On his spare time, if he’s not playing with jailbreak tweaks, you’ll find him fine-tuning his auto parts.

    Anthony is New York-born, and currently resides in Florida. While his plan was originally to move back to New York to escape the Florida heat, he has been adjusting to it slowly and plans to stay put in Florida.

    In the world of technology, Anthony has experience ranging from Web design to programming to photo manipulation to video editing to photography. He worked on the Windows platform for about 9 years, and switched to Mac OS X in 2010.

    You can follow Anthony on Twitter: @BouchardAnthony

    Akshay Masand

    Akshay Masand

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    Akshay Masand is a somewhat recent college graduate from Syracuse University with a major in biomedical engineering. He has moved back to New York City post-graduation and is pursuing a career in the field of technology. One might call him a jack-of-all trades when it comes to the field of technology as it is a passion which he's had since a young age. Akshay's passion led him to create and manage several blogs which touch upon technology in general, Apple products in specific, jailbreaking, and gaming. During his free time, you will always catch him trying to game! PC Gaming, console gaming, handheld-gaming you name it! On the off chance he's not gaming, Akshay is probably busy trying to stay on top of technology news and information or trying to learn something new.

    Akshay is also an avid Apple owner and jailbreak enthusiast. He's always staying on top of the latest news and constantly trying out new tweaks, applications, themes, etc.



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    Simon lives in Bermuda, has a beautiful wife and three amazing children. He loves troubleshooting and having the latest gadgets (mostly but not limited to Apple). Oh ya, BIG Lakers fan too (yes, even when they suck).

    You will find Simon on MMi every day helping people and having fun. Jailbreaking/Downgrading/Upgrading/Restoring are his specialities. He has started learning javascript and swift recently and has a number of lockscreen and springboard widget packages in cydia, specializing in live wallpapers.


    Blkcadi (Bo)

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    I call beautiful Arizona home for 25 years (originally from South Florida), a single Mom, 20 year old son.

    Have the need for speed... Fast cars, Harleys and Hot Rods.

    I own a Custom Car/Rod/Truck Shop, customizing high end vehicles for over 20 years (actually most of my life as I grew up in my Dads garage), so modding my iDevice came kind of naturally, as nothing can remain stock.


    Cer0 (Erik)

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    Erik grew up around a few small towns in Oklahoma. He now lives in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area. He has an Associates degree in Business and is working on Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (concentration in networking). Erik enjoys all things technology. He tries to read up on as much new technology and break throughs as possible because he wants to see what paves the way for the future. Erik's free time is generally spent playing video games. He enjoys most games across all the different platforms.



    Super Moderator | Send Orby a Message

    Some say the creature known only as "Orby" is an alien vagabond who crash-landed on Earth aeons ago, pining to roam the cosmos once more.

    Some say he's a naked mole rat that found sentience and lost sanity.

    Some say he's the result of a casserole gone horrendously awry.

    Some say he's just a figment of an overly zealous tabloid editor's unscrupulous imagination.

    What is known, however, is scant: Orby is an iOS aficionado, with an abiding hatred for top hats and turbo-prop airplanes. The last known sighting occurred seven years ago, approximately thirty-one hundred klicks east-northeast of Niue.

    If you encounter the Orby, be warned: although he appears gruff and acataleptic, legend says he's actually quite nice... so long as you aren't hiding any delicious food on your person.



    Moderator | Send bbrks a Message

    I am 54 years young, married, have a daughter, 23 years old.

    I live in Belgrade, Serbia.

    I have a university degree in economics and I am a computer nerd since 1983 (well maybe not a nerd, but I like to use them), when I got my first Commodore 64.

    For many years I have been a manager of different trading companies, when I finally got fed up and started my second career in IT.

    Apart from that, I am also a co-owner of one small HIFI Co. I admit, I am a huge HIFI freak

    Spent also many years all over Europe, UK, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal.....



    Moderator | Send Zokunei a Message

    Devin is a musician/software developer in Michigan. He plays both the piano and guitar and made his first app using nothing but an iPod touch. He's been jailbreaking since iOS 3.1.3 and has learned lots of useful things along the way. His whole family swears that his first words were "red wings."