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Changelog - WeatherIcon

iOS5 Support

- Fix crash associated with weather icons in the dock.

- Fixed status bar issues (disappearing, out of sync)

- Fixed non-retina theming

- Fixed general theming incompatibilities.

- iOS4 support

- Better status bar handling on 3.x

- Default icons included

- Fixes some race condition crashes.

- Improves icon refresh logic.

- Fixes issue with weather not updating in certain LockInfo weather plugins.

Additional fixes for issues with refreshing.

Compatibility with LockInfo 2.0 (manual refreshes).

Fixes issue where phone calls may have no sound (usually only an issue for EDGE users).

Fixes issue with night setting not working unless "Use Local Time" is set.

Compatibility with WeatherIcon Plugin 1.0.1.

Fixed issues with WeatherIcon not updating on some 3GS/3.1.2 combination phones.

Decoupled the icon and badge settings to allow the badge without theming the icon.

Fixed issue with the incorrect temperature sometimes showing if "Feels Like" is turned on.

Fixed issue with the wrong city name showing in the cached weather data (used by LockInfo).

NOTE: The LockInfo plugin for WeatherIcon has been separated into a different package available under "LockInfo Addons" in Cydia.

Adds support for the latest LockInfo (1.0.113).

Fixed issue where weather icon went blank if the icon is turned off in the settings.

Fixed safe mode crashes in 3.1.

NOTE: Due to some odd 3.1 dpkg behavior, I had to remove the LockInfo WeatherIcon theme from this package so that I could get the fix out as fast as possible. I will release the theme separately.

Fixed incompatibility with Battery Control when both the battery and percentage are hidden.

Added LockInfo plugin. No themes yet, but this will allow for integration with LockInfo.

Cleared up instructions in the settings.

Fixed another possible "in call" issue that would mess up incoming calls if a phone is plugged in.

Firmware 3.0 support.

Major performance rewrite.

Added preferences to settings app.

Fixed issue with status bar icons moving to the left even without status bar weather turned on.

Fixed a minor bug in the logic used to find images.

Added status bar support - selectively include temperature and weather images in your status bar! Go to the configuration link above for details on turning it on.

Removed Weather Icon theme from default distribution - Based on input from others, the themes should be distributed separately. I've create the Katra Weather Icon theme which was the default theme before.

Refactored image mapping method. Now it's driven by the theme configuration.

Changing your weather location (in the Weather app or in the preferences file) no longer requires a respring.

Added UseLocalTime preference (boolean) to indicate whether to use the phone's time (true) or the weather feed's time (false) for determining night/day.

Yet again, improvements to the night/day algorithm.

Changed back to using the feed time for determining night/day. This may result in some delays in switching night/day, but it will be more consistent with the Weather app itself.

New algorithm for calculating night/day that works when your phone is in any timezone.

The latest packages were missing a BUNCH of icons. Not sure how that happened, but it's fixed now.

New algorithm for calculating night/day that works when your phone is in any timezone.

Removed debug compile flags to reduce library size.

Completely rewritten rendering technique which replaces the weather application icon instead of layering over it. Much better than before. (Thanks to rated-r and natetrue for API help).

Added support for Kweather themes (same as those used for the other weather widgets).

Now compatible with ReflectiveDock for accurate reflections.

Tweaked default theme.

Pulled non-default themes out of the WeatherIcon package. They are now available separately through the david.ashman.com/apt source.

Fixed a bug affecting some locales and 24h time users.

Had to revert to assuming that the phone is in the same time zone as the weather location. The Yahoo data feed is missing some data and the iPhone doesn't parse the dates correctly to handle some locations so it's the best I can do.

Added transparent weather background into the default icon theme so that most people don't see the non-Winterboard background.

Minor position tweak. Moved everything down 1px.

Better implementation of highlighting when you click the icon.

Tweaked positioning of the images to line up better with the icons on SB.

WeatherIcon can now be applied to a webclip (use the long number that is used for the webclip directory for the bundle identifier).

Added background images. For each weather code (0-47), you can create an image named weatherbg.png and it will be rendered behind the weather image. This allows for custom backgrounds for day, night, cloudy, etc. There are two themes included (default and Smoog).

Changed default images to the Apple images instead of the HTC images.

Initial public release.