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Changelog - Popup Blocker

- Fixes icon layout issues on iPads running iOS5.

- Fixes some issues with iOS5 waking/blocking

- Fix notification blocking on iOS5

- iOS5 support

- LockInfo 3.0 compatibility.

- Added Push Notification exceptions.

- Fixes crashes on iOS4.

- Fixes crashes on iOS4.

- Fixes Alerts page for non-english languages.

- Fixes issue with blocked push notifications launching the app.

- Fixed blank Alerts settings some people were seeing.

- Fixed crashes on popups with responses (iOS4)

- iOS4 Support

- Fixed issue with payment pages being unresponsive.

- Fixed issue with quick dismiss not working when unlocked.

- iPad support

Fixed issue with "Continue Trial" taking user to Mail app instead of letting them use the trial.

Added support for Airplane Mode Warnings.

Integrated "quick dismiss" feature to allow home button dismissing of unblocked popups.

Added Push Notifications and Call Permission Alerts blocking.

Fixed issue with "Wake on Alert" only working if the alert is blocked when locked. It should now work independently.

Cleaned up lots of code.

Initial public release.