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The developer's support of this package has been suspended indefinitely. It will continue to function as before, but bug fixes and compatibility with new firmwares are not gauranteed.


This app backs up and restores both your paid and free Cydia packages and most of their preferences. Now with automatic backups and offline restores! Instructions for use of this package are located within the app. iCloud backups are not uploaded immediately after use of OpenBackup. Preferences for iCloud backups can be changed in the Settings app. OpenBackup will not be shown separately in your iCloud settings because it makes use of the systemwide backup function.

Help develop OpenBackup:
OpenBackup's source code is located in "/Applications/OpenBackup.app/Source Code" and is compatible with Theos. Xcode compatibility is unknown. The bash scripts are /usr/bin/backup*. If you would like to make any changes to the code, send the modified file(s) to [email protected]

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