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Created for iOS 6

Some Icons will work on iOS 7


I started building this Theme for my own device over a year ago and often change and delete things in it. Now I want to give it to you. 




• 190 Icons

• 127 UIImages

• 72 Springboard Images


Filesize: 1.7 MB

Version: 1.0


I will try to update the Theme 2-3 times a month.


NOTE: The black icon background could only fixed manually:


You can use iFile on iPhone or e.g. DiskAid on Desktop


• Go to ~/System/Librarys/PrivateFrameworks/MobileIcons.framework/

• Search for [email protected]~iphone.png

• Rename it to [email protected]~iphone.png_off

• Respring with Winterboard


Contact me, if you want this theme for non-Retina


Contact me, if you want to add your own build .png´s to the Theme.


Contact me, if you want to donate a few cents.

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