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Changelog - minimal.iOS.8

- Final iOS 8 release

- minimal.iOS.9 for all future development

- Dev repo with iOS 9 dev releases at http://cydia.fay.io

- https://github.com/colbyfayock/minimal.iOS.9

See release notes at: https://github.com/colbyfayock/minimal.iOS.8/releases/tag/2.1.0

See release notes :)


- 40+ new icons

- Bug fixes

- https://github.com/colbyfayock/minimal.iOS.8/releases/tag/1.8.0

43 new icons and bug fixes. see list of new icons at https://github.com/colbyfayock/minimal.iOS.8/releases/tag/1.7

- 70 new icons, see GitHub for more info or full list at the homepage.

- Bug fixes

- 60 new icons! Full list here: https://github.com/colbyfayock/minimal.iOS.8/releases/tag/1.5

- Bug fixes

- Optimized some icons that weren't

- 50 new icons. For full list see: https://github.com/colbyfayock/minimal.iOS.8/releases/tag/1.4

- Various fixes for outdated icons and 6 Plus compatibility

- Adding new lockscreen UI tweaks

- New Icons: Watch ABC, Xfinity Remote and Play, PicPlayPost, Soundhound, Mint, Comedy Central Standup, NBA Gametime, Papa Johns, Showtime Anytime, ebay for iPad, Alien Blue for iPad

- Crushed all the pngs! (optimized for file size)

- Fixing icons not working on iPad and iPhone 6 Plus

- SMS icon now defaults to flat version of original, alternate still available inside theme files

- iPhone 6 Plus fixes for: Cydia, Mail, Phone, SMS, Safari, Facetime, Videos, Reminders, Settings, Passbook

- Thanks Khizer for testing the fixes.

Initial Release