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Customise your Messages app!

Features include:
- Custom bubble colours for iM,SMS and received messages.
- Custom text colours.
- Custom backgrounds (including images).
- Change bubble opacity.
- Change bubble width.
- Custom app tint colour.
- Option to hide message bubble tails.
- Option to show or hide contact pictures in both list and conversation views.

- RGB sliders for all custom colours.

- Option to hide group recipients bar.

- Black keyboard and nav bars options.

- Quick switcher to change between conversations without going back to the list.

- App wide dark mode.

- Indicators for read but unreplied to conversations.

- Contact name as placeholder


Includes (partial) support for Couria.

Configure options in Settings.app.

Compatible with all devices (including 64-bit), iOS 7.0 to 7.1.

(Tested on iPhone 5s and iPad 3)

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