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THIS IS THE FIRST PLUG UPDATE FROM THE iOS4 VERSION. NOT EVERYTHING IS DONE. I will finish plugging this to iOS5 very soon look for a more complete release sometime mid June 2012 & a complete version early August 2012 with full 3G & 3GS support. As always watch the facebook page for updates.

More accurate screenshots will be taken once the package is updated again.

MarioBrOS is a major overhaul of ur entire iPhone 4 & 4s. It’s certainly the most inclusive Mario Brothers/Nintendo style theme on Cydia. This theme not only includes all of the items needed for ur theme, it includes icons & themeing for over 100 apps (Cydia & App Store apps) & over 2200 images!! Almost all stock apps have been completely overhauled! Lastly, almost every UI sounds have been re-done; shutdown, lock & unlock, camera shutter, new message, & sending e-mails it has it all! Includes 6 different SMS ringtones & 4 different ringtones! Base app needed for this theme is WINTERBOARD (other optional apps material included). This theme has TONS of parts to it some which are NOT winterboardable. I have included these parts in the installation package & THOROUGHLY explain how to incorporate these items, if exact replicas of the pictures are wanted. Also, there are additional apps themed & used that are paid apps on Cydia. Although these apps are not required, certain aspects; such Color Keyboard abilities, will be absent from the pictured theme. NO modifications will be permanent unless u SSH into ur iPhone 4 or 4s & replace files w/o backing them up.

Please note that this package will eventually support 3G & 3GS, however I am not themeing with these iphone models in mind until I am completely finished with the package.

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