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Please Donate, anything helps, photoshop is expensive!

This is a complete original all White keyboard theme made by me, Verizioniphone4_help, to match my MarioBrOS Winter Board theme! Works for BOTH SD (i3GS) and Retina phones (i4, i4s).

You must have Color Keyboard for this to work or be useful!

The shift halo makes Mario powerup! This keyboard has been completely overhauled since the main theme was released, take a look! This package is the Inverted Color-Pack! Each color-pack has all it needs to run and is completely standalone. (Note: the rest of the keyboard [non-caps layouts] are white for legibility and clarity].)

Please visit this app's facebook page (below) for upcoming update news, full theme and package ScreenShots, and any questions or comments. Please check out the Facebook page for the entire theme, .plists, .strings, extras, and complete download links to overhaul your iphone 3G, 3GS, i4, or i4s!

http://www.facebook.com/pages/MarioBrOS-Complete-iOS-421-426-ONLY/220974861274389 Also check out the main Winter Board theme at: http://modmyi.com/info/mariobrosi4os421467only.d.php & http://modmyi.com/info/mariobros3gamp3gsos421467only.d.php

Scroll down for Screenshots, Changelog, and Download Stats.