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Custom Cover

Customise the LockScreen Now Playing plugin and default Music app.


Create custom themes for the lockscreen and music app artwork views.

Default themes include: Vinyl, Ripped (iPhone/iPod only), Clean, CD Case, Faded, Circle, Insert, Blend and Blank.

(Not all themes are compatible with iPhone 6/6+)


Also includes:

- Option to display artwork as wallpaper (blurred and unblurred) on both the lockscreen and in the music app.

- Option to colourise the controls from the artwork on both the lockscreen and in the music app.

- Ability to hide the lockscreen music controls.

- Offset options to move the cover/controls to improve compatibility with lockscreen widgets.

- Option to customise the tint colour for the music app. 

- Ability to select custom colours for the LS Media controls.



Supports all devices on iOS 7, 8 and 9

Configure options in the settings app. 



I recommend removing other now playing tweaks upon installation of CustomCover, though this is not enforced.


Lock screen customisation also works with third party apps such as spotify.


If you are a developer and would like to add colourisation support to your lockscreen tweak please email me for info.  




For more screenshots see the link below

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