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Changelog - CustomCover

Should fix some issues in the music app on iOS 8.4

Minor fixes and updates for iOS 9

Minor fixes

ColorFlow2 support

Fixed blank artwork colours being cached when loading artwork over internet (i.e. spotify)

Separated themes or smaller update sizes in the future.

Improved lockscreen colouring (adds Forecast compatibility).

Other minor fixes.

Support for iOS 8.4

New Blend theme

Improved themes for iPhone 6/6+

New blended control colours option on LS

Fixes colourisation of buttons on the lock screen and background artwork when using blank theme.

Added support for iOS8 and Phone 6/6+

Small fix for potential crash issue

Added option to disable colour reset when notifications appear

Remove white bars now works for default theme.

Reorganised LS preferences

⁃ Improved notification visibility with Colourise from Artwork on the LS

⁃ Altered how Artwork as Background works in the music app

⁃ Fix for Colourise from Artwork cache system

⁃ Changes to Colourise from Artwork algorithm to improve colours and performance

⁃ Fixed controls/clock positioning issues with notification

⁃ Full support for Tinct

⁃ General performance improvements

⁃ Fixed grabber colourisation on old devices

⁃ Added option to remove white bars from lock screen artwork

Minor fixes and added API for other tweaks to colourise their lockscreen UI

- fixed default theme sliding on change in the music app

- fixed typo in prefs

- fixed artwork as background and colourise from artwork for default setting on lock screen

- reinstated no blur option for lock screen when artwork as background and colourise from artwork are disabled

- improved legibility on lock screen (grabbers are now also coloured)

- fixed volume slider grabbers to work with themed grabbers

- fixed status bar getting coloured on the home screen

- added cache system for colourise from artwork to improve performance

- fixed thumb scrubber size for 3rd party apps

Fixed the package to actually be CustomCover... oops

- slight changes to the lock screen artwork as background settings

- fix for crash when opening apps from the control centre when colourise from artwork was enabled for the lock screen

- improvements to the way various things work

- added tint colour to the settings pane

- added light blur option for the lock screen

- fixed custom positioning for default theme on lock screen

- Support for iOS 7.1

- Support for Aria's dark view and blur and round time scrubber

- Fix for lyrics not dissapearing when changing songs

- Added light blur option in the music app (you will have to choose the background style again in settings as it will reset)

- Other general improvements/fixes

- Convergence support (doesn't include all features, and never will)

- Changed blur on lockscreen for artwork as wallpaper

- Fixed some lockscreen bugs

- Fixed crash when tapping custom cover in the music app.

- Aria's dark view and blur is not supported and will not be supported (by me) as it is causing too many issues.

- I've been working on Convergence support, it's kind of working and hopefully will be available soon.

- Very minor backend fix

- Removed DS_Store files

- Fixed issues with Aria dark view and blur

- Moved preferences icon to bundle

- Fixed radio scrubber issues

- Made status bar change to black for radio info view

- Numerous fixes for iPad

- Fixed position issue on 3.5" devices

- Fixed invisible navigation bar with Aria

- Made the status bar turn black when the flipside view is shown and removed the ugly white bar behind the segmented control for the playlists flipside view

- Fixed crash when creating a genius playlist

- Fixed rating star colour in the flipside view

- Improve compatibility with BlurredMusicApp (0.3-8+)

- Improved compatibility with CCShuffle (0.0.2+)

- Fixed crash when using smart over on iPad

- Fixed obscure bug with Couria

- Added easier workaround for crash with Aria, select the 'Default' tint option in CustomCover

- Added ability to chose custom colours for the LS media controls

- Fixed LS time scrubber size

- Changed the way CustomCover works in the music app, this adds compatibility for MusicGestures, though may cause some issues with other now playing tweaks, if you experience any bugs uninstall other tweaks and email me if the problem persists.

- Fixed volume slider thumbs.

- Fixed issue with clock colour on the lock screen.

- LS status bar is now also colorised.

- Fixed black search bar in music app.

- Scrubber and lyrics view issues on 3.5" devices should now be fixed.

- Added option for music app tint colour.

- Added music app compatibility

- Added faded theme

- Added colourise from artwork option

- Improved numerous aspects

- Fixed some bugs

- Improved preferences

- Added 'Insert' theme.

- Added ability to easily offset the position of the cover.

Initial Release