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Supports all iOS 7 devices! Fully compatbile with iOS 7.1 too!


Supports the following controllers:

  • PS3 Controllers (SIXAXIS/Dualshock 3)
  • PS4 Controller (Dualshock 4)
  • Wii U Pro Controller
  • iPEGA 9025
  • iPEGA 9017
  • Wamo Controller
  • Bluetooth/Wired Keyboard


1.4: Keyboard, Wamo controller and iPEGA 9017 support! Also RetroArch now supported (see changes below, for more information).


choose in settings your controller type.


(support for more controllers is in the works!)


Third party controller support for a ton of games, no configuration needed!


Controllers for All - a brand new tweak that allows you to add iOS 7 game controller compatibility for your third party controller!


Apple added a great game controller API in iOS 7 that a lot of game developers are taking advantage of, but the MFi controllers are extremely expensive!

Controllers for All addresses that by adding support for the third party controllers.


Controllers for All already supports every game that's been update with iOS 7 controller support in mind, and does it with an extremely simple setup, a one time pair and you're done! No other configurations ever needed again! 


Watch the video below for a demo showing just a few of the ton of games that already work great with Controllers for All!




Controllers for All also turns your phone/tablet into a great video game console combined with an AirPlay capable device, see the demo video for such awesome video gaming setup!


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