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Compatible only with iOS 5.0 and iOS 5.0.1
(no point really in installing this on iOS 5.1)
This tweak makes the camera shortcut on the lock screen act like the iOS 5.1 camera shortcut. This means a few things:
The camera button is now a grabber - push the lock screen up and reveal the camera app
If you don't have a passcode set you will have full access to your photo library
The camera shortcut always shows up (no need to double tap the home button)
Tapping the camera icon will make the lock screen bounce
The camera icon looks more like a "grabber" and not a button (thanks to @XusBadia!)
The slide to unlock knob is a little shortened allowing the full "slide to unlock" text to be shown
(this doesn't slow down opening the camera interface)

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You can also theme the camera grabber with WinteBoard: Theme example: themename.theme/Bundles/
grabber.png (and [email protected] for retina devices)
The png file should be 118x149 for retina devices and 59x75 for non-retina devices (otherwise will be scaled down)

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