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Changelog - Battery Control

Added "Tap to Switch" auto-switch timer feature which will switch the battery/percentage back to the default state after a user-defined delay.

Fixed unresponsive settings panel for style updates.

Fixed some performance issues.

Fixed some potential battery drain issues.

Much improved algorithm for loading and rendering percentages based on the accuracy.

Changed high accuracy code to avoid the large percentages 3GS users were seeing.

Added "Accuracy" to allow you to select whether the percentage should be less accurate (like App Store apps) or more accurate (like SBSettings).

Added premium features (includes 14 day trial) including tap to switch from battery to percentage, removing the percent symbol, custom settings for while charging and low battery situations, plus styles for the percentage (includes support for WinterBoard themeing).

Typo in the percentage setting key which ignored the setting 3GS users already had in their settings. This is fixed. Installing this version will require you to reset your percentage setting.

Initial public release.