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Compatible with all devices on iOS 6.0 through 10.2!



NEW: Now with Touch ID enabled locking!

Unlock your apps with your fingerprint!

Applocker is a feature rich locking solution to your device!
You can lock apps, folders, home screen layout and even more with Applocker
Lock apps directly from your home screen, just enter jiggle mode and tap the lock button.

Feature List:

Touch ID compatible

  • Session Locking
  • Fully Localized with ten different languages! (full language list in recent changes of version 2.1)
  • SBSettings Toggle
  • Activator Toggle
  • Disable when connected to your own WiFi
  • Lock Folders
  • Lock home screen layout
  • Kick to lock screen if wrong password is entered
  • Lock Applocker's settings panel
  • Auto launch apps
  • Use numeric keypad

Since Applocker is a Mobile Substrate tweak it depends on it, when Mobile Substrate is disabled (due to safe mode or other various reasons) Applocker is disabled as well, this means that Applocker will keep your information private and will be secure enough for most users but if security is critical for you maybe you should use it combined with the built in iOS passcode.

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