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Thread: SBSettings toggles theme with winterboard theme

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    Default SBSettings toggles theme with winterboard theme
    Can somebody tell me how and where to store my sbsettings toggles in my winterboard theme?

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    Do you mean where to put the theme files?

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    Yeah, I have my theme folder and then folders called bundles and folders inside that but I cant work out where to put the folders that make up my sbsettings theme.

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    The files should go in here

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    Ok so my main theme folder should have bundles, folders and var folders inside it?

    Like this...


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    No ill tell you the proper way in a while

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    Ok thanks, I will keep watching for your reply.

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    Is there anybody else on hand with an answer to my problem whilst I wait for Tusharkapoor's reply?

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    Looks like you are new too iPhone file systems download iFunbox and just see how the folders are don't change any thing!
    Now for your question.
    When you submit your deb you will to make two folder 1 has the control file and called DEBIAN and the other will be the directory to where you want your files to be placed in. winterboard themes are to be placed in
    so you create these folder but your sbsettings theme are not activated via winterboard they are activated via sbsettings itself so Inside var you create the folders I told above in the first post.
    now if you want to try out how your theme looks without making the deb just go the directory I told in the fists post and place those files there
    hope you get it!
    hit me up once again if you don't

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    Ok I have just woke up so I may understand a bit better I a while, I have never worked with deb files. Usually I just make my winterboard theme and add to rar file then submit.

    I have iFunbox though I usually use winscp and have tested the theme by manually placing the sbsettings theme where you said and same with the main winterboard theme.

    I just don't know how to package them before I submit.

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    okay great so your theme is working fine?
    Now to submit it do some thing like this
    Make a folder any name ill be using upload this
    the directories should be like this
    upload this
    control(this is just a blank file it has no extension)
    Now just zip the uploadthis folder and upload it
    Hope you get it
    btw what theme is it?

    crap the indentations dint come out properly ill do that once again

    i hope this is better
    Last edited by Tusharkapoor; 2013-03-04 at 08:45 AM.

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    My theme is working ok yes, thanks I will try packaging the way you said, is there a way to test the rar file before I submit to make sure I have done it right?

    Also for the control file how would i make that, would a blank txt file with the . Txt extension deleted work?

    This is the first full theme I will have submitted so I'm keeping it secret at the moment sorry, but you will be the first person I share the finished result with after I have submitted.
    Last edited by iPixThemesHD; 2013-03-04 at 08:50 AM.

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    Yes for the control file just remove the extension
    Sorry i dont know how you can test it
    Is the file too big. I mean if needed can you upload it 2-3 times if required?
    if not then just upload it modmyi will test it

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    No the file is an ok size I just wanted to get it right 1st time.

    Do you also know what and where the files are for theming the keyboard without using the color keyboard tweak?

    Thanks for all your help so far.

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    you are welcome
    And no i dont know about the keyboard part

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    were you able to submit it?

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    Yeah and have posted some pictures on the forum

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    ill just check it out

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