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Thread: Not receiving lockscreen notifications

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    Default Not receiving lockscreen notifications
    I just got around to installing Winterboard and a nice Lockscreen theme but now I'm suddenly not receiving any lockscreen notifications anymore. Is there a way for me to re enable them? The theme I'm using is Cydia Theme: Color Stripes Lockscreen [iPhone/iPod Download] | iPadOS and I'm on an iPhone 4 6.0.1. Any and all help would be appreciated.

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    I had the same problem, using the Blink LS. Still trying to figure this out.
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    My 3Gs running ios 6.0.0 is the same... but also running AndroidLock XT.

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    I am experiencing the same issue on the HTML lockscreens. To figure out, I have restored and setup as a new phone. Just a LS theme activated that I wish to use and the problem still persists. I think we are doing something wrong somewhere but I couldn't seem to find it. Because when I first JB the 6.1 there was no issue at all. Or an update or something caused this.
    EDIT: I am not using any tweak at all. Just WinterBoard and Cydia. Even didn't install any apps.
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    Ive always had this issue and just put it down to ios6. My 3Gs is still on a tethered jailbreak as im getting the 4s in a few weeks and providing its on ios5 ill leave it on that. I have since removed the custom lockscreens (of which i tried many) and just using the standard ls along with dreamboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cNone View Post
    Thanks but this thread is not for the grey lines
    We are inspecting Notifications issue on lockscreens that based on html. Thanks for the shared artwork though
    Wow, Didn't notice I posted this in the wrong thread! Woops. Sorry.

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    I just learned (and confirmed) that it is a Winterboard (or maybe I should say ios 6) issue. Regardless, saurik is our only hope apparently. Hope he has time for a fix.
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    Yes, it is a documented bug and saurik is working on it.

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    Just to let you guys know the winterboard fix is out and its working

    lockscreen notifications are working

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    Funny thing for my notifications work, but my HTML lock screen weather themes don't. I've tried a couple if different ones but they don't seem to work. I hope it's a temporary issue. I really like my lock screen theme.

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    seems ok this side

    I tried the Timeless also on the iP5 and with a few tweaks works too


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