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Thread: Changing icons & video wallpaper questions

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    Default Changing icons & video wallpaper questions
    Question 1: Changing icons

    So i successfully changed my first icon by:

    Creating a folder named "CustomIcons"
    Creating a folder inside "CustomIcons" called "Folders"
    Creating a folder inside "Folders" called "" (the name of the app i want to change the icon for)
    Placing my custom "icon.png" file inside ""
    Placing "CustomIcons" on the iPhone in "/Library/Themes/"

    While this worked perfectly for the i-nigma app, i have not been able to get it to work for the other 2 apps i want to change icons for; Streaming Remote & PS Mobile. I've tried many different naming schemes without success. I've been able to change the icons by replacing the Icon.png file in the app's directory, but would like to use winterboard for a more permanent replacement. Can anyone suggest how to get this to work? Do i need a completely different folder structure for each app i want to change, or can all my custom app folders go inside the same "Folders" folder?

    Question 2: MP4 background

    So i tried vWallpaper and while i like the video wallpaper, i find the app to be buggy and it conflicts with the Music Controls Pro app that I love. I've found tutorials online for how to make an mp4 your background using Winterboard, but i'm unable to get it to work. I extracted one of the mp4 files that i was using with vWallpaper before i uninstalled it, so the mp4 file i am trying to use is one that i know works. Various tutorials have had me placing my folders in a couple different locations, and the option always becomes available to select withing Winterboard, but in all cases it either simply doesn't work, or doesn't work AND continuously crashes the springboard. Is it still possible to use mp4 files as wallpaper with iOS 5.1.1?

    Phone info:
    iPhone 4
    iOS 5.1.1
    Jailbroken using Absinth
    Siri installed using Ac!D & custom proxy

    Thanks for your time & help,

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    Personally I found using the "Bundles" method instead of folders a lot more successful. The Bundles method over Folders is the preferred method as you are pretty much duplicating the same directory as used by the iOS. You need to find the bundle name tho which can be tricky. Are you running iFile? If you go into the Application folder say and then scroll to the "info.plist" file, open that there will be a "Bundle identifier" for the mobile phone app it's "" so you actually create a folder called that within Bundles which is inside your theme name. E.g


    All parts of the MobilePhone app you wish to theme are all placed inside this.

    Can't help you with the video tho. I run v2wallpaper with no issues and have modded my own plists so it's running a different scheme to the default ones

    Good luck
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    Jato, thanks! I tried it your way using the Bundles and it worked for 2 of my 3 problem icons. The last one is still giving me trouble.

    The info.plist:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
    <plist version="1.0">
    My directory structure:


    I've tried "Icon.png", "icon.png", and "Icon" without an extension since that's how it's shown in the plist. I am able to change the icon by replacing the actual file in the app's directory, but i can't seem to do it with Winterboard. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again for your help!!

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    The app is called "Streaming Remote". It's the upgraded version of "Remote For Netflix" that they gave me for helping them test and troubleshoot the app. It's a App Store app, not cydia. I like the "Remote For Netflix" icon better than the "Streaming Remote" icon, so i'm tyring to use that one instead. My icon is 114x114 at 72dpi. It works fine if i replace the icon in the app directory, but for some reason Winterboard doesn't want to change it.

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