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Thread: Winterboard + opening folder problem?

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    Default Winterboard + opening folder problem?
    Hi there, quick question...

    ... I'm using WB with the iBox theme which I just downloaded. I've never used themes before, this is the first one.

    My question is this: when I open a folder the background image turns to (a faded out version of) what is chosen as the background in the Settings -> Wallpaper option (native to iPhone). How do I stop that from happening? How do I get the background when a folder is open to be the same as the theme background?
    This also goes for the lock screen, it's using the background chosen in Settings -> Wallpaper.

    Here's a few screen shots to show what I'm talking about...

    ... iBox theme (notice background):

    ... here it is when you open a folder (notice the background):

    Any help would be great!
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    I'm having the same exact issue. I've tried a bunch of different themes with the same result. I'm running the newest 4.3.1 os on an iphone 4. Anybody have a solution to this problem?

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    It looks normal. That's what it is supposed to do.

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    try this....i can confirm that this works on 3gs 4.2.1

    1. copy the images that you want to use for the lockscreen and the home background images to your desktop or a folder of your choosing.
    2. rename this file "101.png", "102.png" etc.
    3. open the image in photoshop (or similar program), now make a new file sized 75x75. drag the image into the 75x75 file. you can re-size the image, so that you can recognize it. save this file as "101.thumbnail.png". do the same for other images.
    4. using WinSSH or Cyberduck, SSH to "private/var/stash/wallpaper.xxxxx/iPhone" and copy the file over to that folder. when asked "do you want to replace files (or words to that effect), select yes.
    5. when done, respring your phone.
    6. in the "Home" screen, select "Settings", wallpaper, click on "wallpaper". now select the image you wish to use as the lockscreen and background images.

    and thats it.

    if your planning on changing the folder background image (to match the main background image), you need to make a file 320x360 and name it "FolderSwitcherBG~iphone". and this file lives in the "" folder. but to get the file to work, you need to delete some files first. dont panic, it's safe to delete them, as the phone will remake the files. SSH to "private/var/mobile/Library/Caches" and delete
    ",,," now re-sping your phone.

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