I am currently having an issue with Winterboard being blank with lines. I have an Iphone 3G, recently upgraded to v 2.2.1 then performed a jailbreak using the information on this site. When I was running v 2.2 jailbroken Winterboard worked fine. I have read through as many of the threads on this issue as I could find, here is what I have done:

Uninstalled/reinstalled Winterboard, rebooted
Uninstalled Winterboard, rebooted.
Installed a theme that required Winterboard so it installed it with the theme, rebooted.

*g* oh yeah, then I think I may have rebooted.

Is anyone else having this issue on the new Iphone version? Any suggestions? If I need to downgrade my version back to 2.2 how would I go about that?

Thanks for any input you guys can give me.