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Thread: Winterboard - Themes not working

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    Default Winterboard - Themes not working
    Ya, my themes aren't working on Winterboard. I can load Winterboard fine, and I will check a theme, then press the home button. It will reload the springboard, but nothing has changed. When I go back to Winterboard, the theme is still checked. Everything else works like the user background and the transparent dock. I have tried restarting after applying the theme, reinstalling winterboard then restarting, uninstalling then restarting then installing it again and restarting. If you guys could help me that would be great.

    I am running the current version of Winterboard on an iPhone 3G 2.2

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    what theme are you trying to install? does this occur with ALL themes?
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    Yes, all of the themes I have tried (which is 4) do not work at all

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    I am having the same problem. Any help would be greatly

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    Check that the directories are all correctly placed and named right, unless you downloaded them off Cydia. Never heard of this before, but its interesting.
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    Where exactly do the directories go for 2.2 FW?

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    The same thing with me, it doesn't work I'm on Firmw 2.2..

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    so no one knows what's causing this to happen

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Default winterboard theme problems
    i downloaded a theme put it on winscp it shows up on winterboard i check it off but it wont show up.HELP PLEASE

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    I'm on FW 2.2 & I am having the same problem...Themes are not showing & my Five Icon Dock will not work either. I have tried reinstalling all & Mobile Substrate - nothing works though. Any help?

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    yup same thing here....ive scoured countless forums and google and cant find a damn thing

    what the hell is going on?

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    i have the problem now but im running the latest version of winterboard and 2.2.1 firmware... anybody have a solution besides reflashing?

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    i have the same problem finally got winter board 2 work but no theme is working but saurik . . .

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    One member says to get rid of Saurik, and just replace it with your Theme name in WinSCP and load the Bundles/UIImages/UIImages 2.0? Just a thought, unless someone can help us because I have the same question and asked if someone who is smooth at this to write a simple tutorial for newbies? That would be greatly appreciated, and I assume many would benefit from it.

    Thanks, TheCrow13

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    I'm having the same problem, I just got a replacement phone so I had to re-do all my jailbreaking on the new one....winterboard and everything worked fine before, now i can load it but i can't use the themes! I have done everything I did before but still no luck!

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    I'm not sure if this will help anyone out or not. I personally haven't had any problems with WinterBoard (yet). I'm using the iPhone 2G running firmware 2.2.1 and both WinterBoard and MobileSubtrate recently upgraded. I don't think WinterBoard or the themes are your problem. If you can launch WinterBoard and access your theme, I think you're ok. I believe your problem lies within the MobileSubstrate. I'm not saying the new version of MobileSubstrate is bad, it's just something else changing the way it behaves. MobileSubstrate is a framework that allows extensions to safely modify the existing code without damaging the iPhone/iPod. Check and see if the following jailbroken apps are acting up too: SBSettings, Backgrounder, and VolPover3G. These apps are using the way MobileSubstrate "loads" apps. Not all apps "load" this way, but these are a few. There have been a couple of apps noted that disrupt the MobleSubstrate. IntelliScreen, mAdvLock, MCallShow, mCoolPhone, MobileHook, MobileLog/iLog, and Rock Extensions (although I believe IntelliScreen has been fixed) are some that have caused problems. If you have any of these apps installed, try uninstalling them and see what happens. Also, Skype can cause problems as well. Like I said I'm not sure if this will help anybody out, but hopefully it will.


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    I have the exact same problem, downloaded and installed i'elegance and dropped it into the themes folder and selected it on W/B and nothing happend, just changed to the default springboard theme.

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    You should check to see in the theme is installed properly first. SSH into your phone and go to /var/stash/themes.xxxxxx/theme name. There are a few different ways from there. If you have the following items they should be place in the theme itself: Wallpaper, LockBackground, SMSBackground, and info.plist. Next you should have an Icons folder, which is where all the icons will go. You will also have a UIImages folder, in there you will find the keyboard, progress gear, page indicators, trash can, and countless other UI Images. UISounds will contain any sounds you may want to change. Now for the two other folders there are two theories. You may have a Bundles folder and/or a Folders folder. That depends on how you want to pack your theme. There are a couple of great sites and posts that have a lot more info.

    First is saurik's website, the creator of Cydia and WinterBoard.

    iPhone Theming on WinterBoard - Jay Freeman (saurik)

    A great site that I used to help me is called Hack that Phone, run by a guy name Mark. He has step by step instructions with accompanying screenshots. It is mainly for Mac users, but if use windows you should still be able to follow it. Here is the direct link to his WinterBoard tutorial.

    Hack that Phone - Make and use themes with WinterBoard

    Also on here is a post with the complete stock iPhone theme. It is setup exactly as it should be in WinterBoard. It can be found here.

    Hopefully this helps everyone!

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    same problem here....
    my winterboard used to work fine.
    i removed status notifier from cydia then when my phone restarted my winterboard stoped working. when i open winterboard my theme is checked but my background is not.

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    I'm having a problem. When I ssh the theme into private/var/stash/themes I can see everything that is normally in my winterboard but when I copy over the theme I want it doesnt show up in winterboard at all. any ideas??

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