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Thread: Winterboard themes - Requests welcomed.

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    I just created a south carolina gamecock theme, hope it is right, I am from Australia so dont really know much about NFL.

    Hoping it will be available on Cydia soon.

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    How about a Twilight theme?

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    תנו לי ערכת נושא של סובארו sti בבקשה...

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    more icons for the NEON standard theme, would be amazing

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    Any chance of a Man City FC theme ??

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    what about a Houston Rockets theme or a Tracy McGrady theme, thnx in advance

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    Would love a Man City theme if anybody has one??

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    Hey ryanelfa! I currently have all your themes

    I would love it if you could make a VW R32 theme (mk5, preferably using the Blue pictures around on the net

    for example

    Hope you can, will make my year and will be my permanent theme (ill also be sure to link everyone on the R32 forum for it )

    Thanks so much for all your hard work, one very appreciative fan

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I second what oolatec asked for. A Tool band theme would be awesome if someone could make one please.

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    So I had a complete theme and I had to restore my phone. Now I'm trying to find the theme but can't remember the name. I do remember that the Winterboard icon was a Santa Hat, Notes was a Red Pencil, Phone was a Brown Handset. Can anyone tell me what theme these icons are part of?
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    Theme Request can any body make a good stoner, weed, marijuana, Theme i tried combining the "weeds" and "Cheech and Chong" didn't come out to good i have a I'll even pay for a really good one.

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    can you make a cinderella or disney princess theme?!?! its impossible to find. i have little mermaid and its awesome but i would love cinderella too.. or even alice in wonderland. thanks in advance

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    how about some bands....?
    maybe like... 3OH!3
    please? (:
    you see i would love to do this on my own... but i have no clue as to how.

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    Default Theme request
    hi, I am looking for/requesting a kawasaki/monster energy motocross theme. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks. mxrider75

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    Anyone able to make a Ocean, Sufer, or Billabong theme? That would be great

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    Fate/Stay Night.
    .Hack// ("dot Hack").

    And do NOT use people as icon images. I hate that.

    Oooo, ReBoot is another good one. Great images there.
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    how about a theme on my favorite band ..Nightwish ill love this sooo much!!

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    Talking Question...
    Okay, I'm completely new to this & to the iPhone. Just jailbroke my new 3GS this very night & found this Theme on-line..

    [ame=]YouTube - Doctor Who iPhone[/ame]

    It's a Doctor Who Theme & probably the best one I've found.

    Now there's a download link there for that theme, but it isn't set up for winterboard as a theme. Is there anyway to have someone (who is actually familiar with this stuff) to set this up? I downloaded the file of the theme myself & would send it to you if you needed it.

    If not, I'll begin my education on how to do it, but my friend said if you use OpenSSH to get the theme on the phone directly, it will override all the other themes & you'd have to SSH it out of the phone to do different things.

    Anyway, just thought I'd ask!


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    I'd like the 3G signal to look like this 3GS. If ya could thx

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    Can I please get a Tinkerbell theme? thx

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