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Thread: how to make your own winterboard theme Tutorial

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    Default how to make your own winterboard theme Tutorial
    I have seen several threads about people wanting to know how to change something using Winterboard. So I thought I would write this.

    First if you really want to do this I think you should read Sauriks blog about winterboard, it explains alot.

    iPhone Theming on WinterBoard - Jay Freeman (saurik)

    second you will need to download this zip file (iPhone Forums at - iPhone | iPod Touch, news, apps, themes. - Downloads - 2.0 UIImages), it contains the images you will need to change the keyboard and other.artwork files (even the overlays that apple adds to icons)

    third you will need to install winterboard (it will have 1 default theme named Saurik)

    to add your own theme you will want to do the following:

    add a folder with your theme name
    you should see this
    /Library/Themes/(theme name)
    then add both a UIImages and Bundles folders

    /Library/Themes/(theme name)/UIImages
    /Library/Themes/(theme name)/Bundles

    if you want to add a wallpaper to the springboard it goes in the folder of your theme and needs to be called "Wallpaper.png"

    you can copy the plist from the default theme and add it to yours.
    This will allow to change the type of font, color and transparency of the fonts both on the dock and springboard.

    If you want transparent icon text, check the end of the post for info about new features of the latest update of winterboard.

    now to change an image on the springboard like the dock background, you have to add a folder called to the Bundles folder.
    /Library/Themes/(theme name)/Bundles/

    the images that you can change on the springboard are located here:

    you have to use the names that are listed in the or your images will not change.

    For Example the dock is called SBDockBG.png

    to change any thing about a apple installed app (this includes appstore programs), You need to know what to name the folder.

    open the plist for the app and look for a set of words that start with "com."
    the weather app is called

    you then add your images just as you did for the springboard.

    the apps from the apple store are located at:

    all other apps are located at:

    this is a list of some of the apps I have modify:

    whatever image you want to change has to have the same name as the original.

    By doing it this way you can switch between themes fairly easy, and all your stock images are still there.

    to change either the keyboard or other.artwork images, you open the image from the zip that you download earlier (I use Photoshop CS3), and make whatever changes to it you want.

    when you save the file you want to use the "Save For Web & Devices" option.

    then select PNG-8 and make sure the transparency box is checked and that it says none for matte.

    you then place the image in the UIImages folder.

    once you are done when press the winterboard app you should see the name of your theme.

    you simply press theme name and once winterboard resets to the locked screen you will want to restart your phone to make sure the changes stick.

    if you want to delete a theme you simply goto (/Library/Themes/(themename)) and delete the theme.

    with the latest version of winterboard there are now 3 new options

    1. User Wallpaper lets you use the same wallpaper that is on your locked screen.
    step A: press the bar that says User Wallpaper, you then should see a check mark to the right
    step B: press the 3 grey bars and drag it to the top (it should be on top of your theme)
    step C: when exit winterboard will automatically restart and the wallpapers should now match

    2. making icon text transparent
    step A: press the bar that says Transparent Icon Labels, you then should see a check mark to the right
    step B: press the 3 grey bars and drag it to the top (it should be on top of your theme)
    step C: when exit winterboard will automatically restart and the text should now be gone.

    New winterboard update 8-19-2008
    Saurik has added support for changing User interface sounds.
    this is were the sounds are located: /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/

    Step 1: open itunes
    Step 2: click Itunes, then preferences
    Step 3: click Advanced
    Step 4: click import
    Step 5: where it says "Import Using" select AIFF encoder
    Step 6: load sound to itunes
    Step 7: select sound and right click and select "convert selection to AIff"
    You should now have 2 clips with the same name.
    Step 8: select the AIFF file click "get Info" and make note of where the file is located.
    Step 9: find clip
    Step 10: drag clip to desktop and rename it as the file you want to replace and changing .aif to .caf
    Step 11: Add UISounds to your theme
    Step 12: place new clip into UISounds folder
    Step 13: open winterboard and tap your theme twice and then exit winterboard and wait for springboard to restart.

    you now have a new sound.

    Another feature of winterboard is that when you open the app you see a list of options.
    In my example I am going to explain how to have the same wallpaper on both the lockscreen and springboard.

    When you open winterboard you will see a tab labeled with you theme name and one with the words "User Wallpaper"

    In the previous photo you see that my theme is checked. If I leave it like this I will have a different wallpaper on both the lockscreen and springboard.

    If you press the "User Wallpaper" tab so it has a check mark too and then press the 3 grey bars and drag it on top of your theme you will now have the same wallpaper on both the lockscreen and springboard.

    the one on top overwrites the one on the bottom, even though both have a check mark.

    to change you carrier do the following.
    all carrier logos are located at the following path:
    /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/____.bundle

    you will need to open the plist for whatever logo you want to change and get the name.
    For at&t it is called:
    there are 2 pngs for each logo a FSO and Default.
    add to /Library/Themes/(theme name)/Bundles

    this is what you want:
    /Library/Themes/(theme name)/Bundles/
    you will then place your new FSO_CARRIER_ATT.png & Default_CARRIER_ATT.PNG into the folder
    Restart winterboard and you are done
    update 7-30-2009
    To change the weather app icon you will need to place a png called "SBWeatherCelsius.png" in the folder in your bundles in your theme. 2.0 and up uses this png for its summerboard icon (not the one in the app folder).

    to change the ipod icon you have 2 choices.
    first you can add "icon-MediaPlayer.png" to the in bundles
    second (and this is what I have done) you can split the ipod icon into 2 seperate icons (1 for music & 1 for videos)
    You will need this file.

    then replace the original plist (backup stock plist) in the MobileMusicPlayer app.

    then add to your theme

    you then can add 2 icons called "icon-VideoPlayer.png" & "icon-AudioPlayer.png"

    here are some photos of what I have done.
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