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Thread: Need iTunes tips

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    Default Need iTunes tips
    Okay... i plan to format my pc which have itunes that hold my phone backup etc...

    so my phone still running iOS4.3.3 so i havent got iClouds yet.. besides the internet at my location kinda sucky!~~

    okay my ques is.. instead of backuping my library and others (except my phone backup).. is it possible if i just "deauthorize" format my pc then install itunes back "authorized" and sync my phone back? without having to choose "set up as new iphone" cause ive experienced my friend iphone connected to mine and it says "this iphone already connected to other itunes" and the option left is they erase everythng and sync to my itunes... i dont want this t happen to my phone...

    i really hope somebody can teach me the best method so i can have my itunes as it is before being formatted... i really hope im making sense here... oh btw.. i have read about the system duplicating my media... i dont want that option because it duplicates all my songs which used up the HDD space...

    there was once i tried following that method.. my songs all located in D: drive and when i follow that.. they duplicate my song into C drive for itunes Library which is not necessary IMHO...

    i dont care about that song as i can resync them... the only thing i care is about my application and my phone backup be there when i format and install back itunes... so please give me ideas on this.. i really hope theres an easy way to do it

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    Looking for this answers too... 

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    I dont knwo what happen to this forum.. its not active as it used to be before...*sigh*

    but lckily i found the answers from other forum websites... well here is how...

    just open up this link and follow instructions --> iTunes: Back up your iTunes library by copying to an external hard drive

    well i just format my pc from winxp to win 7 (64bit)

    so if u dont care about ur songs just delete them all prior to do this so it can speed up... as more songs means more gigs and thus it takes time..

    so what i did... i sync my phone for the last time bfore formatting... then do as what the link above suggested..

    once u already installed new windows and install the itunes... follow the instructions and you are good to go...

    Oh.. dont forget to deauthorize your account from ur previous pc and authorized it again when already format... and add back the songs and sync... voila~ it works for me... dont forget to untick "copy files to itunes media folder when adding to library" once itunes being installed to avoid duplication of files... ask me anything if u have more questions

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