I have had this 3G for almost 2 years and have never had any issues. It has been jailbroke and unlocked since day one. 2 weeks ago it would not take a change. I tried new cables different PCs and wall changers. It wouldn't show it was charging and when connected to any pc it would not show up as a device on the pc or show in itunes. So I replaced the battery thinking it was the issue. IT DID NOT HELP. I think replaced the lower charge connector. IT WAS NO HELP. I got despite and did a restore from the the phone thinking it would solve my issues and it made it worse. I now have a phone that is in a constant boot loop showing the apple and then the wheel of death then it just reboots to show the same thing over and over. I can not get into the phone nor will it show in itunes or in my pc devices. I can get the phone into a connect to itunes screen but it does me no good since the PC or itunes dont see the device. I am looking for any ideas of what I can do. Thanks in advance for any help.