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Thread: Editing .mov files for corrupt cycorder videos...

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    Default Editing .mov files for corrupt cycorder videos...
    Ok so after many hours of wasted time, I am stuck yet again trying to convert my corrupted cycorder video. Not thinking, I didnt have my phone on airplane mode and I got a call while recording a 30 minute clip. The video is very important to me, and I would like to get it fixed. Heres what I found out so far, and correct me if I'm wrong on some of the info I give you.

    Note: Running Vista Premium Home 32-bit (all my hardware and software is top of the line). Please dont cut on Windows, I know it sucks and Mac's are better... And that is not what this thread is about.

    Steps that I took (including what happened):

    1) Recording video, everything working great.
    2) Receive a phone call, deny, and end recording right after.
    3) File cannot be played with the player on the iphone, getting an error message inside cycorder saying "The movie could not be played".
    4) SSHed the data to my pc, all 146 mb's worth
    5) Opened file with quicktime getting the following error message "Error -2048: Couldn't open the file because it is not a file that quicktime understands".
    5) Opened with WMP11, of course that didnt work... Error message saying I dont have the required codec.
    6) Started doing a little bit of digging, googling, and downloading crap software that was no help at all.
    7) No solutions found, so I decided to check the Atoms and Hash's of the files... Compared them and came to some conclusions that I have no idea on how to fix. If anyone out there knows how to fix the following issues, please help me out with this problem.

    A) Noticed that the cycorder app failed to finish the file (obviously) and did not complete the header atoms of the .mov file.
    B) The above stated (statement A) is listed under the moov category... Please take a look at these comparisons of a good cycorder .mov recording and a corrupt one:

    The window on the right side of the screenshot is the GOOD .mov file.

    As to this point, Im stuck. I am just wondering if anyone out there knows how to edit the atoms of these containers. Maybe we could fuze in the atoms of the moov into the corrupted file to make it play as if it were finished inside of cycorder like it was supposed to be.

    Message to saurik: What codecs did you use to encode the audio/video into the .mov via cycorder? Maybe we could design a program that can finalize the unfinished/corrupt cycorder videos into the file output that it is supposed to be.


    UPDATE: 4:19am (04-27-2009)

    Ok so I am going to bed now, its 4:20 am here and I'm beat. I started looking into java conversion by referencing the video and then exporting it into a new moov format container... This will give it the data needed to play the file in quicktime (one of the key elements needed from cycorder upon ending the recording).

    I'll get this cracked, It's just a matter of time... And this only applies to the data that is not corrupted beyond repair due to deletion or an empty data shell.

    UGHHH I hate this...... Now if only I could build a time machine and turn on the airplane mode on my phone.... DAMM IT!!!!

    Update 2:38pm (04-27-2009)

    Done with class now, figured I'd get back into getting this file fixed. Realized that java converstion was pointless because it could not recognize the file no matter how much I tweaked the code.

    Now looking into some new software to possibly re-encode the file into the correct .mov file with the moov atom present. I will pull the specs from a good cycorder video and place them into the moov information header. Still looking on how to do this though, wish something would just pop up on google search, but of course it doesen't. Big pain in the arse if you ask me, but I like challenges... I will keep you all updated.


    Update 9:51pm (04-27-2009)

    I've given up for today, until I hear something back from Saurik or someone with a little more experience on file coding. Lets all hope we have a fix to this, I know alot of people who had important videos going corrupt because of this problem (including myself).

    Also please check out my post below, it gives a little more info following this update.

    Update 03-27-2013 (4 Years Later!)

    I still have my corrupted video. It seams as though Xylor wrote a python script to fix the corrupted parts of the file, however in my absence I missed the opportunity to get the download from him before it was removed from the internet. Xylor if you ever see this message again, please let me know how you fixed the problem. If any one else was able [or is able] to fix this issue, your input would be greatly appreciated!
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