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Thread: iPhone won't turn on - not responding to reset

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    i'm just gonna get it taken to an apple store in the states. if it doesn't turn on at all, and i bring it in and say, oh it was like that when i opened it, then can't i just say, i want another one? like.. now? because i can't live without a phone? and just act stupid. Like why isn't it working. If they can't get it to turn on then they don't have much choice than to replace it, and then send it off to wherever and get it disassembled or whatever.

    Warranty needs to be activated if i'm correct which requires the phone to turn on and to be hooked up to itunes.

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    LOL, you don't know more than what you see on the web about apple it seems. It doesn't matter how stupid you act, or what you say, or anything else. They don't even listen to you... all that matters is what the computer says when they plug the phone to their terminal. They have the apple diagnostics tool. They do not have to replace it on the spot, they can send it to apple care for a diagnostics review to decide if it is warranted or not. You'll get it back when you get it back.

    Good luck with it though..............

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    my girlfriend's ipod died on her. and it wouldn't play anymore. she brought it to an apple store, they tried to play a song - no success, and she just got a new one (as in they replaced it)

    if they decide the fix isn't warranted would they send the broken iphone back to me? or just keep it and say your loss. i mean if you go in, dressed in a suit and be like, yeah it wouldn't turn on, can u give me a new one.. i duno, its worth a shot giving it to my cousin in the states to bring it to an apple store. i mean atm its just a brick.

    hey i emailed the ebay guy who sold me the fm transmitter and he replied with this:

    Everyone know that the logicboard of the iphone is not so good. This can not claimed the problem is just on the car charger. It may be the problem of the iphone's connector, the unstable power supply from your car plug...etc., Many many reasons...
    You can also sent your iphone to us for checking . We will sent to the apple iphone expert to check what the problem let the logicborad dead. If proved it is just due to the car charger, we will responsible the repairing fee otherwise, we will send back the iphone to you.
    The above is the only offer from us and it is a special offer.

    I'm a bit iffy about sending my iphone to him even though it's dead. He's a power seller so does that make hes words more credible?

    I've got two choices.. either send it to him, or send it to a cousin in the states to take to an apple store to see what he can bluff.
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    u can try both
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    what do you think the chances are of getting a replacement by sending it to an apple store in the states? i'm not sure how they are, are they like all tight? or customer friendly?

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    imho, u'll get a new phone if u play ur cards right in an apple store
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    ok, i think first of all, do not send it back to the guy that u bought the fm transmitter from. I mean come on, would u ever trust a person that 1. sold u something that might have damaged your phone 2. who cant even speak proper english to a current and future customer.....

    ok try this, contact the person who u bought the iphone from, to further find out if he actually activated it... or go to the apple support website and look up the serial numberof ur phone to see if it is warrranted. then tell your cousin (if the phone was never activated) to say "Oh it was like this when I opened the box. I dont know what do to, I mean i was looking forward to such an amazing device but now its not working! please can you fix it for me?" -- preferably a women saying this, ie friends gf went to apple store and said the similar thing and got it replaced no question asked. Then if that does not work......hmm contact the guy whos an electrical engineer or w/e.

    ps. this thread was a riot lol "Am I going to get arrested" lolz

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    its got some scratches on it though not a super lot, still very shiny and that, but there are some minor scratches that are noticeably if you went looking for some. and what about the lack of receipt?

    i was thinking for the scratches "oh i was wearing a ring when i was playing with it and didn't notice the back was so soft" lol

    also, where should i say i bought it from? and is it better if i just get her to bring the whole box in? rather than just the phone itself? i'd presume so yeah.
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    get the whole box and forget stories about rings etc unless u wanna hook up with the seller concerning the bought thing.. it was a gift from i dont know.. another state or country.. apple has an international warranty
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    i meant the wring as in, my ring scratched it thats why the back of my brand new iphone is a little scratched. but yeah

    i'm not from the states, so can you advise me on a few states/countries that would work?

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    just go to ur local apple store dude.. chit chat with them argue and convince them about ur international warranty and u might get lucky. i got a brand new jasjar imate xda exec from o2 because of a defective wifi in 5 minutes and 1 week of being scared in different scenarios of what might happen.. so u get the point..

    they really dont give a damn on replacements. its not their money.. its apples money.. so its just a matter of a form filling on what did this.. you say I DONT KNOW. if you even quote "I used a device not compatible" then u can kiss ur chance goodbye.

    i have no idea! i dont know what happened. i just plugged it in to my computer and 5 minutes later poof! i dont know what might have happened as i do not really use computers just msn etc..

    whats? jailbreak? huh? what is a forum? is that like a group conversation on msn? unlock? yes there was unlock! it was slide to unlock and then u slide ur finger and then..

    you get the picture..

    anyway thats what i did with a windows mobile device that was scratched.. and totally replaced. except the battery. in ur case where apple cannot be disassembled without voiding waranty ur perfectly capable of getting a brand new phone!

    ps: if this works.. I WANT UR EXTRA STYLUS :P
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    i'm actually in australia. we have apple stores here but i doubt they would have iphones to replace my one since we're not even meant to have them over here.

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    oh crap.. then send it over to someone that has.. uk/us or wtv.. can u trust anyone over there?
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    yeah my friend's cousin, but still waiting on her reply of whether shes willing to do it for me.

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    I nominate this thread as the "funniest thread on MMI" (no offense)

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    It seems I have a very similar problem. I went into Myer yesterday and tired to plug my Iphone into one of their display Bose speaker docks. The screen instantly started to flicker and show garbled graphics. I managed to pull it back out, reset it, and thought nothing of it. Once home I docked the phone and later went to try and turn on the phone: Nothing... The phone wouldn't turn on or anything.

    After repeatedly trying to reset it, I eventually managed to start it charging and left it overnight. I woke up this morning to find that the phone was extremely warm. I turned it on and found out that it could no longer pick up any phone network. It gave me a message saying that it needed a repair and directed me to the url for apple support.

    The Iphone without use throughout the day has completely lost it's charge again and I can't get it to do anything currently. I live in Australia also so I am wondering if anyone could recommend someone that could do a repair on it? I think I will take it to the local apple center and see I can get it repaired through them in any way (not under warranty of course).

    If any one could give any advice on what the problem sounds like it is and could suggest some solutions, I would be very great full

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    that sounds exactly the same situation im in. Iphone dead, it gets warm when charged, but then thats it. And then it seems it discharges from doing nothing while unplugged because when you plug it in again, it goes warm again. Since the day that it's died, i've yet to see any life from the screen.

    I brought it to this place in springvale for repairs. I'm hoping they can fix it but i just left it there with their technician to figure it out. Still waiting on word from them. I'll let you know if all goes well.

    Let me know if the people at apple are able to do anything about it for you. (just say you're a tourist and you came from america or something and your iphone died on you because technically we're not meant to have them over here).

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    okay so the repair place i went to have given me some pretty shattering news.

    the diagnosis of my iphone is that the 'main board' is completely dead. it's pretty much useless and that if i wanted them to fix it, they could put in a new one at a cost of ~$380. thats basically a new iphone. so i'm just about to cry. the only thing left that i can do is waiting for a response from my connection over in the states to see if they can bluff a new one for me at the apple shop

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    With that news, it looks like I might just start saving for the new iphone due out later this year. Makes me sad too! Quite an expensive paper weight I have here - at least it looks pretty :P

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    anyone know where i can find a replacement logic board?

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