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Thread: Wifi problem

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    Default Wifi problem
    Ok so I have an unlocked iPhone 3G and an iPod touch 2G both on 4.2.1. After researching, I realized that the iPod touch seems to have a feature known as "persistent wifi" which means the wifi will stay on even if the iPod is asleep so it can still receive push notifications. My iPhone 3G does NOT have data (E or 3G) because I don't have a data plan. Even though it's on the same firmware, it doesn'tget persistent wfi because in theory, it doesn't need the wifi on all the time when it's asleep because it still has 3G on. As you can see there's a problem because when it's asleep I won't have 3G OR wifi... The only solution I have found so far is insomnia but my iPhone 3G gets reallyyyyy hot after a while and dies really quickly (even if I turn on airplane mode and wifi so there will be wifi but not any calling service)... That doesn't make sense because it basically becomes an iPod but iPod touch seems to outlive it AND doesn't get hot.. So can someone please help me????

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    Buy a new phone.

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    What is that on top of me?

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    What is that on top of me?
    It's spam. I just reported it

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    Your wifi problem can be solve if your are keep your phone at service center because there are one chip which locate on your mobile circuit, in it there are settings and wifi programming is available. So service center can solve your problem.

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