I started a family business, I have an email for this business and I need some help with getting things the way I want on my iphone.

I have my personal account, which is perfect. Every day I sync my phone it syncs my calendar with my gmail account and stores it all online. Which is cool for me cause if I check my gmail my calendar is the same as my phone. Perfect right.

I need the same thing for my business email. I need a seperate calendar for it. I need to have my personal calendar completly seperate from my business calendar and I need them both on my iphone. If I schedule a vacation for my wife and I also schedule a three day tour for the business I want them to be in their respective calendars. I would be manually inputting the events into the calendar, but I cant get them to sync on my phone. My phone only recognizes one or the other. Im sure there is a way around this to make it recognize both calendars.

currently on limerain 4.1 old base band, 3Gs. Upping to newest if I find good reviews on it.

Thanks in advance.