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Thread: How to activate iPhone in OS X with iNdependence

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    Quote Originally Posted by priatej View Post
    finally got my iphone completely unlocked... still not sure how that happened, but anyways.

    I got the same message when i tried to install the BSD Subsystem too. Just restart your phone & try in a couple hours. That worked for me. Could be a server problem.
    do you have the old firmware?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rs-studios View Post
    I am screwed. I updated to the new update and now i cant unlock my phone, or activate it.

    Quote Originally Posted by mikael1986 View Post
    i have a problem, when I push the sleep button and home button to get the triangle it never comes, there is only a picture on my iphone which shows a connector and the itune icon. can anyone help me please? thank you
    You updated to the 1.1.1 firmware. The guide specifically states you will not be able to do anything with that firmware yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rs-studios View Post
    i get the same thing! Some 1 please help. I want my phone activated.
    Read above.

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    I got the same poblem !! Error intering recovering mode ?? Can somebody help ??

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    is there anyway i can go back a firmware?

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    hi, may i know if i can unlock my iphone if i am jusing mac os 9?

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    iNdependence seem doesnt work on my OS X
    i m using Powerbook G 4 Mac OS X 10.4.10
    i downloaded iNdependence and when i run it there s nothing happen. Cant see its menu as shown in the picture.

    Please help


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    I have a ibook g4. I also have a used ifone that doesn't have a sim. I'm sure it's running on 1.0.2 firmware. So i should be able to use independence to activate it right? not so...
    question 1: do i need to connect to Itunes and restore first even if I have 1.0.2 already?
    questoin 2: why does independence not open and instead I get a "unsupported version of iTunes installed" msg... I'm running the 7.5 version.

    help plz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZackP View Post
    Note to everyone that is using iNdependence. Download it and expand it so icon is on desktop. Don't put it in applications folder. Didn't work for me in that way.
    When I run it from desktop, pointed out to directory with 1.0.2 files, it performed jailbreak as described in tutorial.

    Tried it - didn't work for me - iNdependence starts jailbreaking then it crashes. iPhone shows apple sign but needs a restore with iTunes (I'm using 7.4).
    Can anyone help? How do I activate it, please!

    ...just tried it with iActivator - same thing. It starts jailbreaking then crashes.

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    what do i open independence with?

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    i keep getting failure to open unsuspected itunes 10.1.1
    help plz

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