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Thread: Pwnage 2.0 Guide

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    Default Cydia not opening?
    Well, I have followed the instruction and have successfully managed to get 2.0 installed and can use everything on the phone except...

    When I tap on the Cydia icon it doesn't do anything, do I need to activate it some where, or install something else to get it to work?

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    i did the pownage 2.0.1 upgrade but now can not surf using edge..
    - how do we get it to work?
    there is no apn settings any more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinko View Post
    The new version (2.0.1) of the Pwnage Tool is able to automatically locate the Bootloader files on your Mac.

    I presume you received these Bootloader files were from the link in the guide here.

    The possible explanation for your problem is that the original firmware (IPSW) file is not the version Pwnage Tool expects. Did you download that using the link from this guide here? Or did you receive it from Apple via iTunes? Have you confirm this IPSW is in the correct location on your Mac?
    I downloaded both from the links and its in the correct spot. No luck with it.

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    Still can't get Cydia to open on my iPhone, have repwnaged it but still nothing, what am I doing wrong?

    Is there something other than Cydia I need to install during the process of upgradeing from 1.1.4 to 2.0? on my 1st Gen iPhone?

    Is anyone having he same problem?

    All the features on my phone work fine except I have no apps other than what is from the Apple App Store?

    Is this correct?
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    Default Sync Error
    I've succesfully Unlocked my phone, but now I am getting the error message below and can not sync my phone. Any suggestions?

    "iTunes cannot read the contents of the phone "Stans iPhone". Go to the summary tab in iPhone preferences and click restore to retore this iPhone to factory settings"

    Help Please.....I can can not get any of my music, photo's, contacts, etc.....onto my phone!


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    I finally jailbroke my phone ..after many searches and failed attempts the best guide is the following

    iClarified - iPhone - How to Jailbreak Your 2.0 3G iPhone (Windows)

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    when im doing the unlock and jailbreak on 2.0 do i have to have a sim card in the phone or can i do it without one....soryy im kinda new at this

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    I'm so close! I pwned (2.01) my 1st gen iPhone while the old deactivated sim card from AT&T was in the phone. Upon restart Phone said attempting to activate and I clicked dismissed. Replaced it with a T-mobile sim card and the phone went in to recovery (usb/itunes). Itunes said the phone could not be activated with that sim card. I restored and re-pwned the phone with the TMobile sim card inserted. Once again same warning from iTunes. Re-inserted old sim and loaded bootneuter through cydia and checked all boxes "on" and flashed the firmware. Re-inserted the TMobile card again and same warning on phone "bad sim card" with the usb/itunes splash screen and Itunes "cannot activate with this sim card...but the header on the phone now says TMobile! I was able to make an emergency call to another phone which recognized the TMobile number in the caller ID. I just need to break out of recovery with the TMobile sim card installed. please help!

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    I have an ipod touch, for which the process of jailbreaking seems to be somewhat different (a few steps less, obviously, as i don thave to worry about the 'phone' part). At the end of the process, after having created the custom restore, there is nothing about DFU mode, i simply put it into recovery mode. And as I tried to restore using the custom restore previously created, after extracting the software i got the following allert saying: Ipod couldn't be restored Unknown error (1600)

    atm i'm unable to turn on my ipod at all, please help.

    EDIT: ok, somehow, my ipod came out of recovery mode (no idea what happend) and yeh, i just updated to the last 'custom FW', so YAY now running 2.0 and please disregard previous statement.
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    Is it working on 1.1.3 jailbreak iPhone?.Did anyone here actually success upgrading their iPhone jailbroken, unlocked 1.1.4 or previous 1st generation into the new 2.0 firmware?.

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    If I don't need to unlock to I even need to do the bootneuter part?

    Quote Originally Posted by vinko View Post

    Having said that you should be choosing to set up a new iPhone rather than restoring a previous backup version of your iPhone.

    Afterwards you can then synchronize all the desire content back from your Mac using iTunes.
    Ok I must be missing something. If I do this how does my phone get activated. I am not trying to unlock it. When I go through the process everything works fine but I am not getting a signal i.e. not getting on the AT&T network.

    I tried building the load via simple mode and it worked... I would still like to try again using expert so I can change the boot logo's. Any advice?

    Once More..
    I found it in another thread, if you have AT&T, you need to click on the general tab and uncheck activate. Hope that helps anyone else that was having the same problem. Now if only Mail worked!
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    It would be helpful if you mentioned in the guide that one should choose "Expert Mode" in order to follow the instructions you gave, otherwise Pwnage will do everything by itself and you'll have to go through the whole process a second time once you realize you should have chosen Expert Mode.

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    what is the difference between simple and expert? i mean i know you build on expert but whats the benefits of simple mode?
    IpodLover77 @ Hofo

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    Quote Originally Posted by ipodlover77 View Post
    what is the difference between simple and expert? i mean i know you build on expert but whats the benefits of simple mode?
    In simple mode you cant choose what Cydia packages you want to install or customize your boot logo. Those are basically the major differences I found

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    Default Unlocking 2.0
    My iphone is running 1.1.4 and is unlocked, but before I upgrade to 2.0 I was wondering if anyone here has had luck with PNWAGE?

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    Finally took the plunge... upgraded my unlocked iPhone (used Ziphone) that was on 1.1.3 and BL4.6 OOTB... and it was a success! It couldn't be any easier! Thank you to the iPhone Dev Team for Pwnage and MMI for the guide.

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    Are you saying you upgraded to 2.0 from 1.1.3?

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    I'm trying to do the very first step by trying to drag in the .ipsw file into the designated folder but I can't even find that folder. The only folder after iTunes is "iTunes Plug-Ins"

    Any help on this first step?

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    Quote Originally Posted by seejaygo View Post
    I'm trying to do the very first step by trying to drag in the .ipsw file into the designated folder but I can't even find that folder. The only folder after iTunes is "iTunes Plug-Ins"

    Any help on this first step?
    How did you obtain the .ipsw file? You should have allow iTunes to download (but NOT Install) it for you. That is the safest place to obtain this file (firmware 2.0.1).

    After doing the above you should have a folder called "iPhone Software Updates" within your ~/Library/iTunes/ folder ("~" = your Home directory of your current account).

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