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Thread: IJailbreak Activated 1.1.1 iPhone Without Downgrade

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    Default IJailbreak Activated 1.1.1 iPhone Without Downgrade
    Discussion thread for IJailbreak Activated 1.1.1 iPhone Without Downgrade. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.

    how can I active it first ?
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    yup... this is the method that I used and it worked really well.

    You might also want to add that you should use INdependence to change the ROOT password so no one hacks your iPhone.

    It also further validates that the phone is jailbroken.

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    Hmm. I actually can't unzip the file to get started. I get a Stuffit error "An error occurred attempting to expand ``iJailbreak for``. Format error. Error #17540" -- This is a generic error. Anyone else seeing this?

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    i tried this and about 8 minutes into the (ten minute proccess) i get an error thats says somthign along the lines of "snowbird...... file exists" and nothing happens. my ipod stops workign on my phone as well as the itunes on it. so i have to restore it back to stock. did i do soemthign wrong. shoudl i be doing soemthign to that snowbird pack that automatically downloads during the ijailbreak proccess. can soemone please help.

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    Hi, if a have a 1.1.1 , I just need to follow the step and will be unlocked to use with any sim, but if mi iphone is 1.0.2 I have to virginaze first and make the update to 1.1.1 and after that try the jailbreak? , when we have the release for windows XP, I havent a mac, so I cant do it.

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    Default My fear
    After installing too many 3rd party apps, my iphone went berserk last week, i.e., incorrect SIM (I'm using a prepaid AT&T SIM), freezing, dead pixels, blank icons. I was able to restore it back to FW 1.0.2 but my camera and Photos icons are missing. I'm afraid if I use this upgrade I might toast my precious...(smeagle from LOTR).
    should I do it anyway? upgrade to 1.1.1 using iTunes and use iJailbreak? thanks for the advice!

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