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Thread: How to make & upload wallpapers for the iPhone4 [640x960]

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    Talking How to make & upload wallpapers for the iPhone4 [640x960]
    Follow-Up from this thread. Thanks for starting us on the path!

    Obviously there are on-the-fly ways of doing this using iFile, or iFunBox to add the wallie right into your theme, but if you just want to add your top favourites permanently, you may as well add them to your Wallpaper folder so you can access them a little more easily .

    However, for the iPhone4 (not sure if it's firmware or simply iPhone 4 {probably Model, since the resolution is different LOL, Doh} so someone feel free to chime in) I realized there's some subtle differences, so I'm gonna rehash things.

    KEY#1 - You need to add in the "@2x" as a suffix to your entries, otherwise they won't display in your Wallpaper folder. I did not need to respring either ., though if you do a couple back and forths, you need to back out to home, then back into the Wallpaper folder for the newly copied wallies to show up.

    It’s very interesting to see what happens when you prepare your graphics for the iPhone 4 interface. Every graphic need to have the @2x added between the name and the data format. E.g. [email protected].
    This explains why I was able to inadvertently get away with placing my factor in a more aligned location. From a programming perspective I didn't like seeing the factor here and there as you can see from the default file names LOL.

    For the photo editing, I really like using 'IrfanView'. It's free, and does awesome batch processing.

    First - [Assuming you don't already have a wallpaper (wallie), make yourself one with the appropriate dimensions & save it as whatever.]

    Next - Open whatever wallie you want (or just keep the one you just made open), and resize it. Disable proportions which'll allow you to get a 75x75 without having to crop. I'm lazy .

    Save it by adding a '.' & [email protected]' after the title. Done.


    [email protected]
    Becomes -->
    [email protected]

    I really like iFunBox. I've dabbled with the older programs to painstakingly SSH, but iFunBox is a one-stop-shop-dummy-proof solution frankly.

    Navigate to /library/wallpaper & simply drag&drop it in.

    KEY#2 - Not sure if this is for everyone, but for me, I was required to name my new wallpaper in numerical order to whatever was in there already. I believe 126 is the stock last name of the file., so you need to start naming yours 127 onwards. They wouldn't appear otherwise.

    Happy Wallpaper'ing!

    *First time I'm hotlinking pics on this forum. Does it automatically resize images? I've been hotlinking pics since '04 and never have issues. My pics are all being downgraded in resolution LOL...WTF?*
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    can you make this image into iphone 4 wallpaper .png for me??
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