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Thread: -=MAC's Flurry Screensaver=-

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    Default -=MAC's Flurry Screensaver=-
    I am just wondering if anyone knows how to get an actual video file of this. I tried searching google for any kind of program to convert .scr to a video file with no luck. Upon my searching I have seen that people have tried using screen capture programs but they won't work while the screensaver is running... I also read that the screensaver cannot be converted because there is nothing to be converted. The screensaver is just an executable giving commands of what to show?

    I really thought it would be cool to make this screensaver into a vwallpaper for my iphone.

    Please any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

    Thanks in advance!!!



    Even if the flurry screensaver uses commands to generate the images couldn't the flurry.scr somehow be converter or edited to work with the iphone since it is similar to mac osx or whatever?

    I got Camtasia and I a able to record the screensaver but it doesnt record very well...when i choose to record in full screen the flurry screensaver gets choppy/laggy which doesnt look good. The laptop I am using is a little outdated. My desktop mobo got fried here in my room so ill try another computer around the house with better graphics hardware and see if that works...

    I don't know if anyone else is interested in this but I will post the vwallpaper as soon as i can get a smooth recording of it...
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    Well, I tried my roomates computer and it was very laggy while recording as well... I guess I will have to keep trying!

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    haha just stumbled upon this. I want the same thing as you. I've managed to download a video of flurry from youtube but the quality is bad. I even tryed recording it my self but it was worse. Once u have it as a mp4 its easy as long as its good quality
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    try to install flyakite osx but only select the screen saver

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    i actually found a pretty good quality video of flurry on youtube and im using it now. its wider than it is long though, so its small on my screen. is there any way to rotate the whole video? also can a video be set as ur lockbackground using winterboard?
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    well the actual screen saver isnt a looping video it is a real time generated array of light (best way to describe)

    i beleive that fly a kite osx has the screensaver just like osx... random

    also it adjusts to your resoloution

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    well theres no way to set a screensaver as wallpaper right? thats why im setting a video as of the screensaver as the wallpaper
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    you can if you are on vista
    or osx

    vista: dreamscapes
    osx: wallsaver

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    I had the same idea a couple weeks ago I just ended up finding a high quality YouTube one, convertting it to mp4 and use it as my vwallaper

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    oh wait are you talking about for vwallpaper?

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    yes haha a vwallpaper for iphone...i cant seem to get it to work as my lock screen background which is what i really want
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    made some off Windows/Vista DreamDesktop animated wallpapers....
    More posted in my collections..enjoy

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    -I've got a decent quality video of flurry
    -I need to get rid of the sound in the background
    -I'd like to rotate it so its almost fullscreen
    -and I hope theres a way to set it as my lockscreen
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    I understand that Flurry is a screensaver... I want to capture video of the screensaver on my computer but it lags. I was using camtasia but I cant get it to not lag.

    If anyone has a computer with like 6 GIG's of RAM maybe they could do it? lol

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    youtube it i found a video of it there and downloaded it with
    Wanna-be coder/iphone user since '08

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    Shitty Quality...Unless you can send me a link!

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