Hey guys I normally post on the tmobile forum (I have a 4s and use tmobile). Need a little help to benefit my brother....

He's going to get an iPhone 5 on Verizon...I did research for him, compared plans, etc...I explained to him the lowest iPhone data pan was 300mb, then 1gb then 2, etc...(with unlimited talk and text)...

He's been with Verizon a couple years but doesn't have a smartphone just a flip phone.

So, before he can order, his girlfriend orders for him as a surprise....and he forwards a copy of the order form....she pays a $30 upgrade fee, and this is what it says e has:

Nationwide Talk & Text - 450
Plan Features
Text Messaging (Plan Feature)
MBU - Unlimited Text Messages - $0 v2
MBU - Text Messaging (Pay Per Message) v3
Caller ID
Data Package 2GB with Email $30 (Smartphones - with Personal Email)

Total Monthly Charges** $ 89.99

How is this possible? I didn't think you coud use a regular smartphone plan with iPhone?

Howd she get this pan or him? (did Verizon screw up?)
Thanks for any info