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Thread: error 1603 when restoring iphone.. plz help..

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    Default error 1603 when restoring iphone.. plz help..
    hi.. i got a problem here when makin e restoring mode on itunes.. it keep givin e error and now my iphone cannot go back to normal menu.. juz stuck wif e "connect to itune" logo.. can any1 help out..? ur help will be a great thing to me.. tys alot.. im havin a window xp here.. one more thing.. b4 this happen i actually try to connect e frone wif normal usb cable.. but cannot be recongnize... it keep poppin out this... until i try using e sleep/ plus home button den can be read on recovery mode.. now it juz stay at recovery.. plz help tys..

    try using a apptap also cannot i think. still tryin now... it says a recoveryin to normal mode.. but it keep stuck at there and nothin happen..
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    What is your firmware? (1.0.2 / 1.1.1)
    If you're not sure, how does the "Please connect to iTunes" graphic look like? Is it a yellow triangle or picture of an iPhone cable?
    Also, what firmware are you trying to restore the iPhone with? Are you trying to perform a regular restore or are you trying to restore it to an older version?

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    hi.. sorry for late reply... ok.. my situation is this.. its a triangle.. im try restorin it to 1.0.2.. im usin a 1.0.2 b4 this.. juz tryin to restored it onli.. but now it juz stuck wif e triangle screen.. anyway i can go back to normal mode? i think it been stuck at the recovery mode now... cuz when i restart it.. it keep poppin e triangle connect to itunes..
    did try a way when i saw 1 post juz now..
    using the ibrick den type in iphoneinterface.. that way i try already .. but nth happen.. it should restart . but never.. plz help.. tys all in advance..

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    Run apptap now
    You will get an error then click the "abort" button.
    Reconnect it to iTunes.
    Run iNdependence.
    Re-run app tap.


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    im usin window xp... can too?
    i try usin apptap.. but cannot also juz stuck at e recoverin to normal mode..nth happen aft tat..
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    Quote Originally Posted by japmagi View Post
    im usin window xp... can too?
    i try usin apptap.. but cannot also juz stuck at e recoverin to normal mode..nth happen aft tat..
    You need to have iBrickr. Let it restore the phone. Then follow instructions, and I think it'll be ok. Just ask if you bump into more problems!

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    I had the same problem what i did is I closed the itunes and turn off your pc again. It should solve the 1603 error/

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