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Thread: AT&T Unlock Servers are down

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowboy View Post
    How's is this relevant?
    Just that 24 hour or less turnaround isn't something to be considered amazing, but rather the norm - as it was the norm for a very long time and at very low price points. Of my 6 I purchased with the orig company Cadi & Simon turned me onto when I first got here.. All were under 24 hour unlocks for $8 or less. And I realize those days are gone.

    Quote Originally Posted by blkcadi View Post
    Mine too, and some within hours. Oh the good old days.
    ^^^^^ What "she" said.. ^^^^

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    back in the day $8 was too much.. ebay had $3 AT&T unlocks in 3hrs or less.... ohh how i miss those days.

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    Cowboy, I need a reply to my post #906. You've ignored my e-mails since monday and all my posts. I need a reply. Phone is still locked.

    Cowboy, I need you to move me to the new supplier for the ultra-fast unlock 24-48 hours. I don't mind paying the difference , which I take hopefully will be at a decent discount because of the 2-3 target dates since October 29th that were given that my phone would be unlocked have been missed completely. It is December 19th. I think I have been patient enough and would not have to deal with a Paypal dispute because of this as I'm sure you mean well and hope your dental surgery went ok, but I haven't received a single reply since Monday when you said the phone would be done by Monday, Dec. 16. Transaction ID: 1B273787UR654363D

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    Cowboy, I have sent you an email about upgrading to ultra fast service but haven't heard any response from you yet. I need to get my phones unlocked before Christmas. Can I upgrade to your fast service and pay the difference? My email is [email protected] Thanks.

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    I bought an AT&T Fast Unlock on a website "" early in November. When I check the status It shows: Order #838 which was made 1 month ago has the status “processing”.

    I have not been able to get an answer to any email I have sent these people. If I buy an unlock from another service on this same IEMI while this is still in process will It cause problems? Or do I need to wait for this order to be competed or rejected befor this IEMI can be submitted a second time?

    The phone is an iPhone 4S still under contract until August 2014. I bought on an eBay auction from a pawnshop thinking It was off contract.

    Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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    My iPhone is still locked
    And no news from Logan yet

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    Mine is still locked as well, ordered in october.

    Cowboy I WANT MY MONEY BACK !!! I ordered on the 30th of October, still no unlock. I opened a dispute and paypal closed it. Nice scam you got going here. be very careful cowboy....thats all I have to say.
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    i hope cowboy will reply soon to my emails.

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    Same here paid November 1st, emailed twice over the past 2 weeks, no response.

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    Dear cowboy!
    We all know that you're busy with taking new orders and processing them everyday. But we have a right to ask for our refund. Made the payment on oct 30th and still not getting my phone unlock. A waiting time is end and you should jiat refund for the customer who have been waiting for a long time. Don't just saying you have a trouble with paypal or anything. We need our refund and can not wait for it forever.

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    For all those still needing refunds. I am still working on it. I am having to fight with paypal and its becoming quite hard because people keep filing claims. My account has been limited (see pic below). It was limited for my mass amount of refunds issued in short amount of time. And now talking to paypal trying to explain and get it resolved.
    People got impatient which is understandable but pretty much froze that paypal account. I am sure some of you probably got an email from paypal asking if your product was delivered yadada and depending on what you said filed a claim on that account as well. I am not BSing and trying to keep your money I literally just can't do much at this time. I have $1800 dollars stuck that i can't use to refund. That doesn't cover everyone but it covers a good chunk that is still waiting. I have quite a bit of claims now which sucks but all i can really do is keeping adding money till I get to 1 dollar positive balance. Which is a taking quite a bit of time, I am tapped out I have no more personal money I can throw in their at this time. I am having to also fight people that are trying to scam me by claiming I didn't unlock there phone when in fact I did. But while I fight those cases it goes against my balance causing me to have to add even more till the cases are solved.
    Like i have explained before it take X amount of new orders to refund just 1 person. So unless I get lucky and have a guy with about 300 iPhones that they want all unlocked at once. Its going to take a few weeks. OR everyone drops there claims at once lol (guessing the second one won't happen)

    This is why I said weeks ago to not file a claim and email me Ill get you taken care of it just not going to be instant but it would of been done way more timely if all the claims weren't filed, there has been plenty of people that have posted in the last 10 pages or so saying they got there refund and or was asked to upgrade to a new service which I gladly did and now they have an unlocked phone.

    So will you get a refund? Yes
    When? Hopefully sooner rather then later but I can't give you a date just depends on how many new orders I get and if paypal will take the limits off
    This is crap! Yes i think so too not to happy myself I am tired of seeing the hate mail, tweets, mmi posts, and fb posts. This is not how I ever want to treat my customers, I am pretty personable I post in this thread, I answer most pms, emails, tweets, etc I understand to some $100 dollars or what ever you paid is a lot of money and with it being holiday season who doesn't need an extra $100 dollars. I am trying to do the best that I can for you guys still waiting for refunds.

    If you would rather upgrade to the working service let me know and I can probably move you over and get your phone unlocked quicker then waiting for paypal if that is what you rather do, if not and want that refund then hang on tight and ill get it done ASAP.


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    Hi Logan thanks for response, I had suspected that, but is there a third option where it actually goes thru on the original $99 order? Or are all those dead in the water , no longer processing, and just awaiting refund like you mention above?

    Sad outcome but if its dead, then i will finally know and wont check everyday to see if my phone is unlocked anymore. Like someone mentioned its been a daily ritual waking up checking this thread and lock status for the past 7 weeks.

    I am ok with waiting a little longer if they are still processing especially since the refunds are all locked up at the moment
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    If you ordered from Oct 28- Nov 15th your order has been canceled.

    Unless it's a 5 or lower I still have a few of those still going through.

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    Can i get my iphone 5S moved to the 14 day service? Or is the 24 hour service the only one that is working?

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    Both are working fine. If you haven't already email me and I'll answer them tonight. I have family coming over right now so won't be online for a little while

    Side note if you have a claim filed against me and you want me to move you to a new service it won't happen till you close the claim

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    I sent you an e-mail Cowboy to upgrade me but need instructions how you want to do this. I expect an e-mail shortly as I have not received an e-mail response from you since last monday, but yet you take the time to respond to these posts. Either refund me $99 and I'll repurchase from the website or to just pay the difference to upgrade. Thanks. Paypal Transaction ID: 1B273787UR654363D.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowboy View Post
    Both are working fine. If you haven't already email me and I'll answer them tonight. I have family coming over right now so won't be online for a little while

    Side note if you have a claim filed against me and you want me to move you to a new service it won't happen till you close the claim
    Cool, i'll email again requesting move to the 14 day service, never filed a claim so it should transition smooth, just patiently waiting

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    I ordered on Dec 12th with your 2-5 days service but my iPhone 5 is still locked please reply to my email.

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