Firstly, hello to everyone - this is my first post and it may seem a long one but please bear with me.

I have an iPhone 4 with firmware version iOS 6.0.1 which I jailbroke about a week ago (with Evasion). Since then I was having fun exploring the different themes and other packages and trying out various customizations etc.

The problem I have now is that after I tried to configure the iCaughtU package with my email address etc. I went to my settings and set up a passcode (which it asked me to confirm).

I then put the phone in 'sleep' mode but when I tried to unlock it, my phone said ‘Wrong Passcode’. I tried several times until I eventually had to wait 5 mins for the next try! I find it hard to believe that I setup the wrong passcode and confirmed it as well!

I Googled several solutions to retrieve the passcode of which I tried 'Gecko Toolkit'. Everything seemed to be progressing OK until I put my phone into the DFU mode and let the software ‘SSH’ into it.

The software was talking to the phone to start with and the dialogue box on my PC was showing the same as the online instructions (that I was following) but then my phone just showed the Apple logo and the progress bar underneath was just blank and not progressing. Some other people had posted the same problem in the blog I was following but no one had posted a solution (How to Unlock Your Disabled iPhone and Recover Your Passcode [Disabled iPhone, Passcode Recovery] [iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad] |

I disconnected the phone but I am now stuck in DFU mode and can’t get out of it. My phone just shows the iTunes logo with a cable pointing towards it.

I have tried all the combinations of pressing the home and sleep for 10s etc but nothing seems to work.

The other problems I have is that I didn’t actually back up my phone on iTunes before I jailbroke it and on top of that I recently re-formatted my old PC meaning that I have only just re-installed iTunes just to jailbreak it so it my phone hasn’t even been synced with my PC.

Are there other softwares that can access an already jailbroken phone so that I can :-

1. Get my phone out of the DFU Mode
2. By-pass the passcode
3. Access certain directories on the phone (through SSH or something like that) so that I can save certain information onto my PC (i.e. save the files that contain my contacts data, settings data and messages data etc.) so that I can put them back on at later date should I have to restore and wipe my phone

Luckily I didn’t have any music, podcasts or videos on the phone and I managed to save my photos through 'My Computer' before I tried the 'Gecko' – its my contacts and messages as well as all the setups and Apps which I want to retrieve (they are mainly free ones but they are categorised in various ‘App’ directories over several pages which took a long time to do.)

If as a last resort I have to restore through iTunes to the next firmware iOS 6.1.2, will I be able to Jailbreak again?