Hi all,

Ok, so I have a Verizon 4S, 5.0.1, 1.1.13 BB, and I would like to use it with StraightTalk. I knew it had a GSM radio too and had seen how easy it is to use ST on an AT&T Iphone and only later realized that the CDMA version is harder to unlock.

So I bought an R-SIM 5+ Ultra S and thought this would be no issue.

I have been trying to follow the official instructions: R-SIM5 Ultra S Unlock Your iPhone4S IOS6.0,How to use,No cutting micro SIM card!Auto Detection!No call 112 or 911!Not jailbreak and install software!All Baseband

I have chosen "USA Verizon" and I have tried "Other Mode 1 -> USA VER" and have even tried not picking any and editting IMSI with proper USA Verzion number: 2040400

My issues are that while the radio will go to searching and will eventually come back with 3G and state in About as being "AT&T 11.0". It will not call or text and will always eventually revert back to saying it needs activation. (same as if I don't use the R-SIM, that is, same as invalid Sim).

So further in the instruction it says for CDMA phones I need to JB and install CommCenter patch and TetherMe. My issue is that my Wifi does not work (broken on waterdamaged phone, "No Wifi"), but I did find CommCenter eventually and installed it manually using iFunBox after JB (at least I think it installed, there is no green 'check' next to it in Cydia).

My question is, is TetherMe really required? I cannot seem to find it and from what I can tell it just allows tethering and CommCenter just allows modified carrier.plst, I don't see how either are supposed to help my activation/lack of true service problem.

I have also tried deleting Zepplin carrier bundle as per here: How To Unlock CDMA iPhone 4S And Use It On GSM Network Using R-SIM [Guide]How To Arena
But it also tells me to delete a file from /var/wireless/Library and this directory is empty on my phone (even after restore).
Also when I remove the bundle then I cannot get my phone to activate and it just constantly says "Connect to Itunes".

Is there any chance I need FuriousMod for some reason (even though this is R-SIM) ?

Or is there someway to make this phone believe it's AT&T or unlocked phone instead of Verizon? Obviously there's no good way to remove/disable the CDMA hardware and I think this is part of my problem.

This is annoying because when I got my R-SIM I activated my ST, so now I'm just losing days. Also I've tried the ST in my AT&T 4 and it works instantly without issue for calls and texts.

Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated, thank you.