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Thread: iPhone unlock through ATT's service

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    Default iPhone unlock through ATT's service
    Hey guys,
    So, I have my iPhone 3GS, and I would like to unlock it permanently.
    But unfortunately , I can't chat with the ATT agents on their website.
    It says I need an ATT account, and I can't open one because I'm not an ATT customer and I don't have a wireless number.

    Has anyone unlocked their ATT iPhone recently?
    Is there another way of chatting with them without an account?
    I need to unlock my iPhone really bad.

    Thanks a lot.

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    There are unlocking services on eBay for under $8.00.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blkcadi View Post
    There are unlocking services on eBay for under $8.00.
    Hi can you name some pls. tnx...

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    Quote Originally Posted by itchanv View Post
    Hi can you name some pls. tnx...
    Just search for iPhone unlock ATT USA,the first and top listing sellers are usually the most reliable. Check recent feedback of seller to spot recent customer purchases and comments.

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    you can try unlock fusion, from my experience it has been good, they unlocked my 3gs within a day of receiving payment, and I unlocked 4 of them with no trouble

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    Welcome to the fractured world of AT&T's unlocking process or lack thereof. I've had enough of their pathetic process which is indeed broken. Even if it reliably worked, the unlock request must come from the current or previous contract holder. AT&T will send the original customer who indeed has requested the unlock that it is successful but rarely is this the case!! And there in lies the dilema . Gets third party to do it or PM me for complete no hassel success!

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    re: x242, does no moderation exist to prevent people from discouraging the free method (claiming it doesn't work) just as a subtle lead-in to advertising their services??? shouldn't that sort of post be prohibited? the whole point of devteam and modmyi is that it's FREE knowledge!

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    Perhaps relating experiences that have been found to be unproductive or an out right waste of time in hopes of helping others avoid them as well, does not measure up to what you consider worthwhile contribution. I don't agree and I doubt many others here would support your comments. The reference to a PM message was simply to collect as well as share the experiences then offer a summary of solutions found. That was to avoid a great deal of chatter with a potentially large number of response which are not necessarily a bad thing but the CORE idea of learning from others and sharing is. My approach was one to condense the response to the primary issue raised. It was neither my intention to gain anything by this in terms of a monetary position. Try to think first of the larger picture my fellow associate, next time. You offered nothing to the group along this issue.

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    guys... i've unlocked several iphone 4 and iphone 4S sill on contract by simply filling up the info. you may get a reply back saying that it cant be unlocked. just check your IMEI for lock/unlock status.. you'll be surprised it will get unlocked.

    i've tried it on ip5. it does not work.
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