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Thread: Unlocked 3GS (BB 6.15) not service after full restore+update to 6.0

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    Default Unlocked 3GS (BB 6.15) not service after full restore+update to 6.0
    I bought a 3GS that was LOCKED to ROGERS and I managed to software unlocked it to work with my carrier FIDO. I had to flash the base band to the 0.6.15. ipad baseband in the process of doing so. Now that I have moved on to a new phone I wish to pass this phone on to my dad who is ON ROGERS.

    I put in the rogers sim and the phone kept crashing every 2 minutes. I did a full restore+update on itunes to 6.0 (was 5.0). Now when I put the rogers sim card in there is simply no service.

    This is very puzzling because

    A.) the phone has been software unlocked when it was on 5.0, no reason why that shouldn't carry over when I am on 6.0
    B.) the phone was originally a ROGERS phones so even IF the unlocked did not carry over when I restore+updated to 6.0, the rogers sim from my dad should still be valid.

    Any suggestions guys?

    Thanks a ton !

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    Updating or restoring wipes away software unlock. Always has. Also by updating to 6.0 and having the ipad baseband you have now put the baseband in an unstable state. You need to use redsnow to reflash the ipad baseband.
    I suggest going back to 4.1 (easiest firmware to downgrade to) then use redsnow to reflash your iPad baseband.
    Then use redsnow 0.9.14b2 to downgrade your baseband back to a normal baseband. Then you can simply update to 6.0 and the phone can be used with rogers since that is who the phone is locked to.

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    Thanks a TON ! Will definitely try ! Much love !

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