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Thread: Using international SIM in unlocked, jailbroken iphone 4s

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    hello everybody,

    I am trying to get my iphone 4s, jailbroken using the latest version of absinthe and running 5.1.1, to work with a SIM card here in Italy. I have already obtained the PUK code and i think i have unlocked my phone...however, after inserting the new SIM and bypassing the PIN entry code, I am prompted to activate again and subsequently get this error message: ""only compatible SIM card from a supported carrier may be used to activate iphone. Please insert the SIM card that came with your iphone or visit a supported carrier's store for a replacement". Now, I did quite a bit of research on this and was looking at everything from GEVEY options to SAM, that unfortunately is no longer in effect, and have been a become a bit stumped. Do I need to hacktivate my phone? I don't think so, as I already have the PUK code and can easily plug my AT&T sim back in without issue, plus my jailbreak and all my settings and tweaks have yet to disappear. Somewhat worried and in dire need of help, thanks in advance for any assistance.

    also the home button does not seem to have full works to return to the home screen but pressing it twice does nothing (running switchy from CYDIA so perhaps thats why), nor does holding it down bring up SIRI. in fact, bringing the phone to my ear does not produce any result!
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    Ok first of all it seems you have got few things confused here...

    You getting a PUK (PIN Unlock Key) DOES NOT mean your iPhone is unlocked. Also jailbreaking IS NOT unlocking. The situation you are in is that you have a AT&T LOCKED iPhone which is also jailbroken. Your Italy SIM will not work in the iPhone as your phone is still locked to AT&T network.

    The quickest way to resolve this is...

    1. Go to and search for a cheap priced seller who is selling iPhone unlocks. One option is the seller "unlock_fusion"
    2. Buy the unlock and give your IMEI (check your email after you buy the unlock) - Under 10$
    3. Wait for 24 hours (sometimes less) for an email from the seller saying your iPhone is unlocked.
    4. Put your ITALY sim and connect to iTunes and you should get Congrats message on iTunes. Dont panic if you dont get the message. Check your iPhone and see whether you are getting signal with the Italy SIM ? If yes then dont bother with the message.

    You are done...

    PS: The ebay seller may include steps to unlock your device like restore and stuff but if you want to save your jailbreak, DO NOT RESTORE YOUR IPHONE.
    In most cases, as soon as you put your international SIM and connect to iTunes and let iTunes activate your new SIM, you should be unlocked.
    In the unlikely event this does not work then you may need to follow the steps here...
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    Thank you for your quick and informative response raksrules! looking on ebay and found exactly what you were describing, and also read through all 6 pages of that thread, very good stuff to know. i also apologize about the mix up with my terminology there, not exactly the most familiar with this process and got a bit confused. i think it's quite apparent that the phone is in fact NOT unlocked, which is what I'm hoping to reverse so I can use the phone here in Italy.

    A couple questions though: is it safe to provide anybody with your IMEI number online? saw some stuff about that in the thread you recommended, and wanted to ask again given that there was no clear response.

    also, should i complete the above process with the old, AT&T SIM inserted in the phone, or does it matter? thank you again for your help

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    1. Yes it is ok to provide the IMEI to that ebay seller. Don't worry about that. You have no other option as well since that's the only way you will be able to get your phone unlocked.

    2. AFTER you get the message from the seller that your phone is unlocked, go to the website Free iPhone IMEI checker - and put in your IMEI number there and click CHECK and at the end it should UNLOCKED along with few other details of the phone. You can do this now as well and it will show LOCKED.
    Once you know it is UNLOCKED, turn off the phone, put in your Italy SIM and turn on the phone, it will insist on activating, connect to iTunes and it will automatically activate the phone with new SIM.
    In case it does not then put your old AT&T SIM, download the SAM stuff from cydia (you are already jailbroken i believe) and do the DEACTIVATE using SAM and then ACTIVATE using iTunes thing and it should work and you should be a Congrats message on iTunes.
    Then insert a Italy SIM and you should get the signal.

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    Okay, thank you for answering those couple of questions. I went ahead and purchased the unlock code from unlock_fusion and will attempt to wait patiently until the (hopefully) good news arrives regarding the status of this unlock business. One final question: will the functionality of my home button (ie: Siri, task switching with Switchy, downloaded from yes, the phone in question is indeed jailbroken) return after i finish the process you delineated in that last message? Thank you again for your assistance, will keep everybody posted

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    got the unlock code and went ahead with the steps above, plugging the phone into my computer with the new, italian SIM after i was prompted to activate. didn't have to go through with any SAM business, as that's not even available anymore in the cydia repositories, as my phone has been working for days, on my italian service, without issue. hopefully this won't change and i will not have any problems when i return to the us and my AT&T SIM card. thanks all for the help, i'll keep everybody updated

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