Hello everybody,
here's a little annoying story but important.
2 weeks ago i unlocked at&t iphone 4s for a member here in the forum, his nickname is: ragingazn628.
i usually don't unlock to someone i don't know before i get paid but i thought what the hell, i don't think he'll get cheap on $50.
unfortunately, he did. now i lost money and he's happy. the only thing he doesn't know is that i can lock his iphone again and i did sent him a message letting him know that he has 24 hours to send me the money or i'll just lock his iphone again. all i wanna to say is 2 things:
1. to all you guys that unlock phones, don't do it before you get paid. it's better loosing the deal than loosing money.
2. if this ragingazn628 member turn to one of you to unlock his phone after i'll lock it again, just prepare yourself.

ragingazn628, if you read that, please send me the money. it's not worth it to get nasty for $50. we're all friends.

good luck everybody and have a great weekend.