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Thread: Unlock my iPhone 4 plz

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    Default Unlock my iPhone 4 plz
    hey guys, i have an iphone 4, 5.1.1 firmware 04.12.01, and im hooked onto 02 network. can anyone please help me to unlock my iphone. i already jailed break my phone and also run the sam unlock several times but still no result, itunes just keep say sim card not recognized, is there another way to unlock??

    please help

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    SAM no longer works. You can't unlock or downgrade baseband 4.12.01 either. You will have to pay for the thing to be unlocked. I know there are services that do this, but I don't know any. Anyone that knows one of these companies feel free to chime in...
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    Just a warning, giving out your IMEI can lead to bad things. Only give it to people you trust...
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    O2 will unlock it for 15 if you are In the UK. Give them a call.

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    +1! Best option here, I'd say.

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    There's many reasons not to. Giving out the IMEI number can lead to cloning, some iPhone's being blocked from their network because the device being falsely reported as missing or stolen, and they can also track the iPhone. So, there's quite a few risks...
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    Im moving out and I need to unlock my iPhone4, 5.1.1, 04.12.01. I've seen that the only possible way it via IMEI. Please help me!


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    They can do it also. And depending on what carrier ya have ya phone with they also may be able to unlock it for ya

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