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Thread: HELP! Can't activate (no SIM) and no DFU (power button broken) HELP!

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    Default HELP! Can't activate (no SIM) and no DFU (power button broken) HELP!
    I updated my iphone3gs to 5.1.1 and it is not activated. I need to jailbreak/unlock it but i can't get it to DFU mode to do so because my power button doesn't work.

    I would normally alter the ipsw file to get it to a pwnedDFU on iTunes through option+restore but i can't do that now because my phone is not activated and iTunes would give me the Restore option. it just says "there is not SIM card installed on your phone....."

    what can i do ?

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    Smile I think I've found a way! i went to register an account here just to post here.
    ): I figured that you'd be very desperate for help since I was.
    HEADS UP: Follow my directions at your own risk.

    I stumbled onto the same problem as you yesterday night and figured it just at first.
    Same situation as yours. I restored my phone because something went wrong but I could not reactivate since my power button didn't work.

    1. Because my power button didn't work and I couldn't power off, I downloaded limera1n to put it into recovery mode.
    2. After limera1n put my iphone into recovery mode, I then exited it and opened my itunes.
    3. Before going to itunes, I opened my host file at cwindows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and altered the host file. (if your computer is something other than might have to find your host file elsewhere.)
    Put at the very bottom of your host file. This will fix error 3194 if you encounter it. (I did on first try.)
    4. Itunes would recognize the iphone as "recovery mode" and give an option to restore.
    Hold shift and select restore. Then I selected the altered ipsw file.

    Now that should have solved your problem of not being able to get into dfu mode to activate.

    5. When it's near done Itunes will say "error 37" and stop. The iphone would be in dfu mode, I used redsn0w to jailbreak and activate the iphone.
    6. When it was iphone shut down and wouldn't turn back on since I couldn't turn it back on with power button. So, I used "just boot" on redsn0w and that did the trick. My phone turned back on....hopefully it'd stay on.

    I really hope this helps you... considering the time I took to figure this out myself and typing it out for you xP
    Tell me how it goes....

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    Or you can get the latest redsn0w... As they built the option in that...

    You need 0.9.14b2.

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    Default Tin foil :)
    My friends iPhone wasn't going into DFU mode for some reason so we went and did some research and have a solution. It may sound a little daring but it works. Open up your iPhone by undoing the two bottom screws and then popping it up with a pointy object (See YouTube) and then there will be a gold strip at the top right of your iPhone. Hold the tin foil there for until your computer recognizes it is in DFU mode. It works TRUST ME!! That's all you need
    How to enter DFU mode without power button: iPhone 3g - YouTube
    PROPS to this guuy !

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