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Thread: Quick question about bad ESN 4s

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    Default Quick question about bad ESN 4s
    Alright so just out of curiosity, I've been wanting to upgrade from my iPhone 4 to a 4S. I'm currently using my 4 on Straight Talk and was wondering since you can unlock a Verizon or Sprint 4S with the new Gevey SIM. Would I be able to unlock a bad ESN iPhone from eBay with a gevey and use it? Only reason I ask is bad ESN phones are generally a bit cheaper. Thanks in advanced for your help! And just for the record, I did research this a bit but couldn't find a definitive answer. Some say a bad ESN phone can be unlocked but only work outside of the country it has the bad ESN in. Other posts I've read say a gevey unlock will work just fine in the same country of a bad ESN phone. Just trying to get some clarification.
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    I got impatient of waiting for an answer an just ordered a gevey and bad ESN 4S myself. For anyone wondering or wanting to try this themselves, I can confirm it works perfectly fine. Didn't work for me at first, but I think it was an issue with the gevey, as it worked after I reset it for a Verizon iphone. Cheers!

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    so you say I can also buy Iphone with bad ESN? Just need gevey card?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RDack View Post

    so you say I can also buy Iphone with bad ESN? Just need gevey card?
    Definitely. Yes, it works on other country, bad ESN only applies to the carrier it's blocked to.
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