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Thread: Getting pass the Activation Screen

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    Default Getting pass the Activation Screen
    I have a locked Iphone 4s 32gb, with IOS 5.1 and base band 2.0.10. Unfortunately i do not have the orginal sim.

    In order to unlock i recently purchased Gevey Sim Ultra S and R-III Sim. I am still unable to get pass the activation screen. I have tried both of them but still failed. I have had this phone for quite sometime, and i cant even use it as an i cant get pass the activation.

    Can someone please help me out. I have searched everywhere for answers but no luck yet.

    Thanks in advance

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    buy an original sim, theres no hactivation for the 4s

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    You dont know anything man..there is hactivation....will delete your thread..

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    Pretty sure there is no hactivation for the 4s.

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    I'm not sure if there is actually a jailbreak that can hacktivate the 4s. However, it's 5.1 firmware, and I know that there are jailbreaks for that firmware (redsn0w, sn0wbreeze). The jailbreak software tutorials will tell you if you can hacktivate it. But hacktivating does reduce battery life quite substantially for some phones/firmwares (for me it was a used iphone 3G hacktivated on 4.1 and it's battery was getting drained 40 to 70% overnight but most of that was probably because of the old battery) and so you can always activate with a genuine carrier sim - sometimes they're free, other times you'll pay a little for one.

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    no Jailbreaks for A5 devices on 5.1

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    There is no jailbreak and no hactivation for a 4S on 5.1. You need to either get an original sim from the carrier the phone is locked to or possibly the gevey/r-sim you have may have some type of activation method. I havent used either though so dont know what that would be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiaField View Post
    no Jailbreaks for A5 devices on 5.1
    Woops, you're right, redsn0w only works up to 5.0.1 for the 4s
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    Quote Originally Posted by MiaField View Post
    Pretty sure there is no hactivation for the 4s.

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    pretty sure you can past the screen with gevey by calling 112 as it says in the gevey pouch

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